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DeRandom Otaku

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Hello ~ Welcome to my queue , i m Ren and kudosu is my favorite currency in the world.
If u ever call me "DRO" , i will hate u for the rest of my life.


  1. If you make an nm request , i will mod difficulties that are more than 4 star . If you want me to mod stuff lower than 4 star then you will have to do M4M Silly rule , i know but modding easier diffs is not easy for me x-x
  2. i will accept MOST of the requests made here , cuz i have no life .
  3. DON'T post WIP maps , i will completely ignore those . Please Post finished mapsets
  4. i wont mod maps with +35 SP or something , cuz they are generally too good for me
  5. You can request as many maps as u want unless u dont request the same map twice
  6. Fill the format properly!


NM or M4M : 
Artist - song Name :
Length (Drain time) :
Genre :
Link :

Maps available for M4M : ~ Open for GDs if anyone intrested

If you dont see my mod on your map in the next 24 hours u made the request ~ it means that ur request was denied
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DeRandom Otaku
Queue is opened ~ umm 5 slots for now ~
Hey there!

NM or M4M : NM
Artist : Ice
Song title : Amber Wishes
Bpm : 195
Length (Drain Time) : 2:02 (1:59)
Link :
Genre : Happy Hardcore / Instrumental

I see you prefer to mod Insane and above, so if you only want to mod the higher diffs that's totally cool, it's a big set otherwise.

Thanks in advance! (:
NM or M4M : NM
Artist : Duca
Song title : Yakusoku Short ver.
Bpm : 160
Drain Time :1:57
Length (Drain Time) :1:57 ( 1:56)
Link :
Genre : video game

not first :(

NM or M4M : NM
Artist : Shindehai
Song title : Kumikyoku
Bpm : 185
Drain Time : 9:42
Length (Drain Time) : 9:44 (9:42)
Link :
Genre : novelty rock probably

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