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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 7:13:27 AM

Artist: O2i3
Title: Ooi [Game Edit]
Tags: Jaxalate Records disc 2 Hardcore high bpm
BPM: 216
Filesize: 5892kb
Play Time: 01:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. I (cup) (1.87 stars, 392 notes)
  2. II (Salad) (2.34 stars, 414 notes)
  3. III (Platter) (3.27 stars, 452 notes)
  4. IV (Rain) (4.11 stars, 473 notes)
  5. MQ (Deluge EX) (7.32 stars, 736 notes)
  6. V (Overdose) (5.56 stars, 594 notes)
  7. VI (Deluge) (6.51 stars, 630 notes)

Download: O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit]
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Random conversation that turned into a mod

VI (Deluge)
22:40 dewero: 00:23:208 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2) - rythm here is awkward
22:40 xi-False: on the default skin the hit sounds really nice
22:41 xi-False: Yea that section Triggers me
22:41 xi-False: but i dont know how to change it!!
22:42 dewero: why not just use single sliders there
22:44 dewero: 00:41:611 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - rhythm here is also kinda awkward
22:45 dewero: 00:56:750 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - maybe make these back-and-forth to make them a bit more interesting to play/watch
22:45 dewero: 01:08:764 (6) - extra note here
22:48 xi-False: Good eye for the extra note
22:48 xi-False: i think.....
22:48 xi-False: its rankable now :D
22:49 dewero: 01:35:639 (1) - Your use of hitsounds in this stream really bothers me
22:49 dewero: I think you should use the finishers to emphasize the chords in the stream
22:49 xi-False: LOL
22:49 xi-False: does it
22:49 xi-False: i have like the jump hit sounds
22:49 xi-False: and some background tempo hit sound
22:49 dewero: rather than alternate them, since that makes the hitsounds sound messy
22:50 xi-False: Is this a IRC mod right now
22:50 xi-False: is this whats going on
22:50 dewero: mebe
22:50 dewero: god damn you're abusing finishers again LMAO
22:50 xi-False: MEBE!!!
22:50 xi-False: good english dude!!
22:51 dewero: hm ok i think you might be going a bit over with the hitsounds
22:51 dewero: this is purely imo but what i think you should do is instead of trying to hitsound everything
22:51 dewero: just focus on some basic rhythm and hitsound according to that
22:51 dewero: cuz right now it sounds really messy
22:53 xi-False: Its weird cause for me the Finisher hit sound, seems to fit with what i use it for
22:54 dewero: er explain more?
22:54 xi-False: So like for my hit sounds when i map i usally use Finisher & Clap a lot
22:55 xi-False: But for example
22:55 xi-False: here
22:55 xi-False: 01:13:417 (1) -
22:55 xi-False: i would use a Whistle
22:55 xi-False: so maybe with my hit sounds the Finisher are the Whistle and the Whistle hit sounds are the finisher
22:55 xi-False: if that makes sense??
22:55 dewero: hm i was more specifically talking about the stream section
22:56 xi-False: Oh ok ok
22:56 dewero: In the stream you're using finishers every other note
22:56 xi-False: Oh hahah i did that cause, it sounds nice to me at least x)
22:57 xi-False: im not sure
22:57 dewero: it sounds really messy to me
22:57 xi-False: but BNs are really lenient when it comes to hitsounds
22:57 xi-False: I will mess around with that section
22:57 dewero: i'll just flat out say i don't like it at all
22:58 xi-False: Do you think it would be better to continue the pattern of Finisher notes from the first half of the stream onto the end half
22:58 dewero: i guess some advice would be "less is more" when it comes to hitsounds
22:59 dewero: for the stream i would cut out all hitsounds except for the chords
23:00 dewero: because you've mapped streams onto a few parts that don't have streams
23:00 dewero: which is ok because it plays better that way
23:00 dewero: but use hitsounds to emphasize the actual notes that are heard
23:00 xi-False: Whats the Chords
23:01 dewero: here's where i would put finishers
23:01 dewero: 01:35:639 (1) - 01:36:472 (1) -
23:01 dewero: 01:37:028 (3) -
23:01 dewero: 01:37:306 (1) -
23:01 dewero: 01:37:583 (1) -
23:01 dewero: 01:37:861 (1) -
23:02 dewero: 01:38:139 (1) -
23:02 xi-False: Ahhh Ok ok
23:02 dewero: 01:38:417 (5) -
23:02 dewero: 01:38:556 (1) -
23:02 dewero: 01:38:972 (1) -
23:02 dewero: 01:39:250 (1) -
23:02 dewero: and so on
23:03 xi-False: Alright yea i see what you mean
00:50:824 (7,8) - Are you sure these are snapped correctly? 1/6 rhythm? it feels odd
01:04:945 (3,4) - Again here. something feels off. Missing a beat at 01:06:195?
00:50:639 (1) - weird rhythm on the slider
00:56:750 (1,5) - i like it but feel like its missing a beat on 00:56:820 - and 00:57:514 -
00:42:167 (5,6,7) - feels a bit weird.
00:57:306 (1,2,3) - again feels a bit weird.
01:35:639 - shouldn't the stream start here?
00:23:278 (1,3) - this part feels a bit odd.
00:51:056 - missing a quarter beat slider?
01:21:056 (7,4) - like earlier it feels a bit odd.
01:29:945 (1,3) - last time now >.< it feels a bit odd.
00:15:083 (5) - shouldn't the slider start here?
00:20:917 - missing something
00:21:056 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - Don't agree with this rhythm
00:23:208 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2) - not this rhythm either
00:24:667 - two beats here or a quarter beat slider maybe?
00:27:722 (4,5,6,7,8) - feels a bit odd but might just be me here.
00:41:056 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - theese three tripples feels a bit odd
01:20:986 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1) - weird rhythm
01:29:806 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1,2) - weird rhythm

Hope some of this help's so im not just here complaining about stupid stuff.
M4M type “I mod first then tell you when I want my map modded because the map is waiting on GDs” lol.
I'm mostly gonna do a nazi-ish Ranking Criteria stuff mod, if you don't mind.


-BG isn't proportional to be rankable, re-size it to 1366 x 768 pixels.
-Turn off “Widescreen Support” on the following diffs: Cup, Salad, Platter, Rain, Overdose, Deluge and Deluge EX.
-Are you planning on hitsounding? I can help if needed.

Problems with the spread list:
-AR and OD need to be the SAME on each diff in CtB to be rankable and it isn't on the following diffs: III (Platter), V (Overdose), VI (Deluge).
-Cup needs to be AR and OD 6 because the highest AR that is rankable for Cup is 6.
-Salad need to be AR and OD 7 because the highest AR that is rankable for Salad is 7.
-HP spread should be in this order, starting from Cup to Deluge EX: 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6.5, 6.5 or 7 (I'm absolutely sure on the first four, but the Overdose and up is from my own judgement after fiddling with the editor on each diff and from observing other mappers ranked diffs.)
-CS spread should be in this order, but then spacing edits should be made: Cup = 2.5, Salad = 3, Platter = 3.5, Rain = 4, Overdose = 4, Deluge = 4, Deluge EX = 4 or maybe 4.1 if you wanna get fancy. (I'm 100% sure for Cup through Rain but Overdoses and up I'm sketchy about but I tried)
-Audio Preview is different in all diffs, just make the audio preview on all diffs this time spot: 01:17:722
-Combo color 1 is a bit dark and sometimes blends into the background when the background is dimmed, lighten it up a bit to about this color:
Combo1 : 210,226,7

-Combo color 2 and 7 looks very similar. I'd make 7 this color: Combo7 : 155,32,238

-Suggestion if you changed the combo colors: Reorder the combo colors so it's like this because I'm triggered by how out of order looking the current colors are it makes it so the colors look more organized while playing. Like this:
Combo1 : 210,226,7
Combo2 : 116,221,239
Combo3 : 16,55,190
Combo4 : 155,32,238
Combo5 : 72,225,164
Combo6 : 240,125,154
Combo7 : 231,24,138
Combo8 : 205,123,63


The highest HP rankable for Cup is 4 but I would use 3 for this map.
00:03:695 – Delete note, I don't hear anything here.
00:33:972 – New Combo here because otherwise the combo is more than 8 circles if you include slider tails and the limit for Cups is 8 objects. Quote from the Ranking Criteria for Cups: “Combos should not exceed 8 objects including slider tails and repeats. Spinners are an exception.”
00:37:583 (1) – Un-curve this slider to fix it appearing as a vertical slider. I feel this slider should have movement because of the strong beats. Even making it a straight slider would be better than the curve it is now.
00:51:195 – New Combo here for same reasons above.
00:56:750 – New Combo here.
00:57:306 – Delete New Combo.
00:57:861 – Add New Combo
01:06:056 – New Combo.
01:06:750 – Delete New Combo.
01:07:722 – New Combo
01:12:861 – New Combo.
01:17:861 (1,2) – Reduce spacing slightly to 1.20x because it being closer to 1.30x is awkward to catch. Fix by moving this whole section 01:18:417 (2,3,4) just a bit to the right so it starts on X=256.
01:24:806 (4,1) – Reduce distance to 1.15x by moving (1) to X=72. The antiflow of (1) is hard to catch in it's current state without dashing.
01:27:722 (4,5) – Put (5) on X=168 to reduce distance and make it playable for a Cup diff. It feels slightly hard to catch right now.


I'm too lazy to point out where you need to edit your combos but this ranking criteria for Salads tidbit can help you edit them yourself: “Combos should not exceed 10 objects including slider tails and repeats. Spinners are an exception.”
Make the AR and OD 7 before even applying any of my suggestions because AR 8 is too high for Salad.
00:03:695 – Delete this and put a 1/1 slider starting at 00:03:972 because I heard nothing at the original spot.
00:04:528 (5,6,7) – This is extremely hard to read because it feels like you have to dash twice, put (6) on X=256 and (7) on X=352.
00:37:445 (6,1) – Reduce to 2.00x spacing because it's too harsh a jump right now. Put (1) on X=448
00:39:528 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40) - Fix your combos because... --insert screams of horror here-- And this applies to all the other sections like this too.
01:05:778 (4) – Put this on X=336 to make it play better. It currently looks really awkward.


I'm too lazy to point where you need to edit combos but here's a tidbit from Ranking Criteria for Platters to help: “Combos should not exceed 12 objects including slider tails and repeats. Spinners are an exception.”
00:03:695 – I don't hear a note here. Make this a 1/1 slider starting at 00:03:972 and put the slider on X=128.
00:58:695 (4,1) – Put (1) on X=248 to fix a slight flow issue.
01:00:083 (1,2) – Put (2) on X=88 to fix a harsh jump.
01:12:028 (4,5) – This h-dash is way too harsh. Put (5) on X=312 then put the next slider (6) on X=144.
01:53:139 (2,1) – Reduce this h-dash, it's really hard-to-read. Put (1) on X=315.

Good luck with the map and this was a lazier mod than I intended but I got all the main concerns I had out of the way. Good luck and I'll let you know when Hallucination is ready for your mod.
you could also put hitsounds equal to the same map that was released in the way osu!standart, for her to be more cool too :D

victor david wrote:

you could also put hitsounds equal to the same map that was released in the way osu!standart, for her to be more cool too :D
Yea that would be cool, but i'm Basic when it comes to hit sounds, nowhere close to Forts Skill!
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