Zetsubou Shoujotachi - Zetsubou Restaurant

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, 6 May 2021 at 23:46:11

Artist: Zetsubou Shoujotachi
Title: Zetsubou Restaurant
Source: 懺・さよなら絶望先生
Tags: Anime Japanese Zetubou Ending Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Tanii Asuka Sanada Asami Gotou Yuuko Matsuki Miyu Okorin 谷井あすか 小森霧 真田アサミ 常月まとい 後藤邑子 小節あびる 松来未祐 藤吉晴美 komori kiri tsunetsuki matoi kobushi abiru fujiyoshi harumi
BPM: 150
Filesize: 8118kb
Play Time: 04:13
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (3.63 stars, 612 notes)
  2. Insane (4.54 stars, 775 notes)
  3. Intermediate (3.14 stars, 417 notes)
  4. Normal (2.1 stars, 271 notes)
  5. Yearning (5.1 stars, 901 notes)

Download: Zetsubou Shoujotachi - Zetsubou Restaurant
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
When you take actual years to hitsound

This is a TV Size set i swear
Mapping this took 5 Ono-weeks and almost 2 Ono-days

thx to Nozhomi & Nana Abe for pushing this :D

I assume these are all frames from that show? I have no idea they're attributed to noone anywhere :(
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Thanks elvis
Natteke desu
thanks elvis
Thanks Elvis
18:19 *Okorin is editing [ Zetsubou Shoujotachi - Zetsubou Restaurant [Thanks elvis]]
18:19 Okorin: this entire difff is yolo so far lol
18:20 Okorin: at least the way i made it is
18:20 WORSTPOLACKEU: 00:30:126 -
18:21 Okorin: the entire pattern follows main melody only lol
18:22 Okorin: 00:52:026 (9,10,11) - should be 1/6 tho
18:22 Okorin: shouldnt it
18:22 WORSTPOLACKEU: 01:08:226 (1) -
18:22 WORSTPOLACKEU: I think you should
18:22 WORSTPOLACKEU: change location
18:22 WORSTPOLACKEU: direction*
18:23 WORSTPOLACKEU: yes I would do 1/6 there
18:23 WORSTPOLACKEU: 01:12:026 (5,6) -
18:23 Okorin: yeah it's 1/6
18:23 WORSTPOLACKEU: I would do
18:23 WORSTPOLACKEU: slider then circle
18:24 WORSTPOLACKEU: fits better
18:24 Okorin: sliders are separated according to vocals
18:24 WORSTPOLACKEU: if you switch
18:24 WORSTPOLACKEU: it fits vocals
18:25 Okorin: no o.o?
18:28 Okorin: with the way i understand japanese it doesnt lol
18:29 Okorin: will see what i'll do about 01:08:226 (1) -
18:29 WORSTPOLACKEU: yeah cause
18:29 WORSTPOLACKEU: you should definitely switch direciton
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: my idea
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: 01:12:026 (5,6) -
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: was that she is singing the same
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: letter
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: just empowering where you put slider
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: so if you ctrl g 01:12:026
18:30 WORSTPOLACKEU: it fits better I'd say
18:30 Okorin: 01:12:026 - ra 01:12:226 - re held 01:12:626 - te held
18:31 WORSTPOLACKEU: 01:12:026 -
18:31 WORSTPOLACKEU: this is re
18:31 WORSTPOLACKEU: 01:12:226 -
18:31 WORSTPOLACKEU: here re goes on another tone
18:31 WORSTPOLACKEU: so I'd suggest a slider and note after before next vocal
18:32 WORSTPOLACKEU: 00:12:026 (3,4,5,6) - I would space more !
18:32 WORSTPOLACKEU: I understand your choice though
18:32 Okorin: the 1/6 itself or more space before it
18:33 WORSTPOLACKEU: put the whole 1/6 further away
18:33 WORSTPOLACKEU: cause 1/6 itself is already spaced less which fits your idea
18:33 WORSTPOLACKEU: but before it is actually clicked the song is still going up I think
18:33 WORSTPOLACKEU: the tone down is at
18:33 WORSTPOLACKEU: 00:13:426 (2) -
18:34 Okorin: tbh i just wanted a custom stack for all 1/6 to make them easier to spot
18:34 Okorin: so the entire thing should have more spacing to prev note ?
18:34 WORSTPOLACKEU: at the eye
18:34 Okorin: sure
18:34 WORSTPOLACKEU: like make the middle of the first circle
18:34 WORSTPOLACKEU: be at the eye of the background chick
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: or if you want to fit the tone
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: you move 00:11:826 (2) -
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: higher up
18:35 Okorin: wots with 00:13:426 (2) -
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: I like that
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: 00:13:426 (2,3) - I would switch those
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: but it's nice
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: cause she goes up down up down with voice
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: so you click
18:35 WORSTPOLACKEU: 00:13:226 (1,3) -
18:36 WORSTPOLACKEU: 00:13:426 (2,1) -
18:36 WORSTPOLACKEU: this order
18:36 WORSTPOLACKEU: this is how I'd place the 1/6 an note before
18:36 WORSTPOLACKEU: it fits the tone and intensity
18:37 Okorin: dude this is one of the few diffs that didn't visually trigger asphyxia
18:37 WORSTPOLACKEU: what?
18:37 WORSTPOLACKEU: my wub map
18:37 WORSTPOLACKEU: triggered hiom
18:38 WORSTPOLACKEU: one of my map didnt trigger him tho
18:38 Okorin: im keeping this more upwards
18:38 WORSTPOLACKEU: alrighty
18:38 WORSTPOLACKEU: I'll keep going in 2 min
18:43 WORSTPOLACKEU: not finding
18:43 WORSTPOLACKEU: anyth else
18:43 WORSTPOLACKEU: it's very good

If I even helpt
thank evil elvis

here you go, your d fell
Asahina Momoko

[*]00:41:633 (4,5,6,7) - why dont you change 4 to 3/4slider and make stream with 4notes from 00:42:033 -
[*]00:53:233 (2,3,4) - x0.5 sv doesnt fit here i guess, 0.9-1,0 is way to better

also you can try this
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Changed both and actually did the same to the part where the sv concern repeats, will upload changes once i got net c:
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Okorin wrote:

check out gh's diffs on if you play taiko and haven't already
i feel myself special
and i also feel a dank meme
Natteke desu
wuw updates
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i can't playtest this at all, but i made the entire diff without playtesting so far so i guess I'll be ok

(and yes I usually go through with what i say i'll do)
Edit 1: changed bg
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