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Would anyone be able to name a few really immersive RPG titles (preferably for PC, i dont mind if they are older)? The kind of timesink level that skyrim had, without it being buggy as hell and having an incredibly broken skill system (level 100 stealth perk much?). The kind of 60+ hour baseline playthrough time, with hundreds of hours if you take the time to really explore. The kind of world you get sucked into and spend days playing. Also anyone know where I can find monster hunter, and what platform(s) I can find it on?
10: megami tensei series (preferably strange journey)

9: racthet and clank's sequels (one doesn't count)

8:dark cloud 2

7: digimon world series

6:tales of innocence (ds jap only i have translated version on r4)

5:super robot taisen og saga endless frontier (ds jap only i have translated version on r4 as well)

4: spetrobes series

3: naruto path of the ninja

2: earthbound/mother series

1: summon night twin age (ds only it is hard at points)
Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII
Atelier Iris 3
Kingdom Hearts I and II

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (My sister finished this game)
Tales of the World (Forgot the title, but all characters from other Tales are here)
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Only few game I know here, like Skyrim, Bastion (a local anime magazine suggested this and it's pretty good), etc.

Rouward wrote:

Atelier Iris 3
Another Atelier Iris player! /cheer
Klonoa Heroes:Densetsu no Star Medal / Klonoa Heroes Legend of the Star Medal (Sadly it's only in Japanesem Silly Namco, If you wanna make money, you need to release your games in the U.S. and not keep them in Japan, is this game came out in America, Klonoa would be somewhat close to being as Famous as Mario or Sonic, Maybe even the pokemon games or Close to Legend of zelda.) :lol:

Blaziken wrote:

FluKerr wrote:

Pokemon pls
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
Pokemon Stadium 1/2
Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Pokemon Snap
Hey You! Pikachu
My Pokemon Ranch
Pokemon Puzzle League <----- LOL
Pokemon Box (Ruby and Sapphire)
Pokemon Channel
Pokemon Rumble
Pokepark 1/2

Pokemon Red and Blue
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Gold and Silver
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Trading Card Game <----- LOOOOOL
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Red Rescue Team
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Blue Rescue Team
Pokemon Dash
Pokemon Trozei <------ ¬.¬
Pokemon Ranger Series <------ Can not recall them all of head.
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Pokemon Black and White
Learn with pokemon : Typing Adventure
Pokemon Conquest <---- Fire Emblem
Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
Pokemon Rumble Blast
The Pokemon ranger Series goes like this
1. Pkmn Ranger
2.Pkmn Ranger Shadows Of Almia
3,Pkmn Ranger Guardian Signs
i know this cause i have owned all 3 ( I traded the 1st one in at gamestop cause i got sick of it cause it was to hard)
FFIII had a very cheezy story line but i still liked it
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP. Portable 3rd would be better for its graphics but Freedom Unite offers longer game times.
Golden Sun for Gba was my fav :)

SushiMe wrote:

Personally i like the Tales series. :)
Tales series are the best for me too. liked the battle style

Slith wrote:

Tales series are the best for me too. liked the battle style
I am a big fan of the Tales series too.
My brother, his wife, my sister and I finished Xillia in August and Tales games in general, are just a lot more fun when you have three friends to play with. =)
AI's been pretty mediocre in any Tales game I've played, aside the Symphonia, so it's nice not needing to depend on them.

any console:

Persona and SMT series
Pokémon [except X/Y]
Tales of
Rune Factory
Golden Sun
Kingdom Hearts


Soma bringer
Suikoden Tierkreis
A witch's tale
The world ends with you
Luminous Arc
All tales of
Devil survivor / SMT
From the abyss

and more..
1.Final fantasy
2.Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix
3.Persona 4 the golden
4.Dragon Quest
5.Chrono Cross
Persona 3 FES
Persona 4
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy

forgot to put one
Anybody here played Dark Cloud? Really loved that thing.

Also Golden Sun was amazing.

Ceph23 wrote:

Anybody here played Dark Cloud? Really loved that thing.
Fantastic game. Played both 1 and 2 and loved them both.
[Maid] NekoRyo
I really like the FF series
Persona series
and the Senjou no valkyria series :D/
I love Kingdom Hearts 2! :D But considering someone's in for the story, the whole series is great. If all goes well, KH3 will be awesome!
Persona looks good but I've never played those games...
I like TERA a lot but it's not for console but for PC (I don't know if it counts as console).
White Hell
Final Fantasy series
SMT:Persona 3 and 4
SMT:Devil Survivor 1
Suikoden 3 and 5
Atelier Series
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Mana Khemia:Alchemist Of Al Revis
Growlanser 2 and 3
.hack//G.U series
Monster Rancher 4,5
Tales Of Abyys

anything RPG for Playstation 2 is Great for me ;):oops:8-)
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