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Is it unusual that I dash with the left mouse button while playing CTB?
Also I use A and D to move the catcher.
What do you use for the movement?
It's not that weird at all, while it may not be the default layout, there are a decent number of people who use this or a very similar setup.

Though this my have been better to post in this thread, where you can also see what setups others use.
It's not that strange. Notable players like Dusk do use that kind of setup. I personally don't use it since the click of my Steelseries Kana V2 isn't too tactile.

I use left and right arrow keys for movement, left shift for movement but I use my index and middle finger st the same time. At specific maps I use A as dash, if it requires plenty of tapping.
I dash in CTB with mouse because its comfortable for me to have my arms as far apart as possible.

There is nothing wrong with it, just play with what you find comfortable.
I actually use the default layout(arrow keys + Lshift key)
I find it very comfortable for me, but that certainly not the only way to play CTB.
You may consider it as the discussion of Tablet vs. mouse vs. touch-screen for std.
For example, I am a lefty and finding the right layout in std mode is super hard for me and that is why I play only CTB almost full time :P
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