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Recently-ish, I made a play on Ren-Chon No Drum'N'Bass, getting 32pp marked on my profile. However, despite the play being weighted 100%, I only gained 15pp. Does anybody know why this happens? Is this a bug? I also want to point out that right now I am trying my hardest to pass maps, some even with DT, but while I do pass them with flying C's and B's, I still get no pp, which is why my rank is dropping more than it should.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
None. Look at my pp count, and look at my top ranks.

osu! version: 20160422 (latest)
All other plays are weighted less
Your previous top score was 100%, now it's only 95%
Your previous #2 score was 95%, now it's 90%

Edit: about the B/C passes, those rarely give pp. In order to get pp, you meed to get a high combo (FC preferred) and a high accuracy. A C-rank isn't something I call good accuracy :P
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