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thx :3 you all
gratz! awesome storyboard :3
Kegare SwiftRage!!
2016-07-06 18:50 Karen: 嘛的看这图只有20fps,好累


And also grats yf :3
The storyboard is beautiful!
02:29:713 (5,6,1,2) - 02:37:098 (5,6,1,2) - 打起來有點怪啊難道只有我一個嗎QAQ
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还好吧,不怎么影响质量 也没触犯rank底线 就是难了点罢了
It's OK and reasonable enough
不是難的問題(那個1/2單指怎看都是最簡單的地方) 是感覺只有3拍最後一拍拍空的感覺((

edit 聽了下好像真的有一拍 是我錯了QAQ
CoLouRed GlaZeE
Hey there!

I was excited to see a map of this song being ranked, sadly the Twin-Renatic diff suffers from 3/4 slider abuse, random triplet overmapping and wrongly snapped streams during the solo, which makes it difficult for me to like the map.
Vert's diff seems solid but some of the slider to jump pattern transitions feel awkward, still fun though.

Anyways grats on the rank~ the mapset is pretty neat and I hope others will find it more enjoyable.
Great storyboard btw!
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Thx for comment

Actually the triples are not random and optional, which is same as 3/4 sliders using becoz I make them on the same (or similar) places and become them to a system.

In solo part, I adjust to 25% speed and checked the snap, and I think they are right

Yea someone may hate some patterns i know but i know someone might like them, so I made an sb to try to make the whole map better.

The beatmap does not satisfying to me in fact, according to my standard, becoz the patterns are too simple (But ok to rank). Maybe I make this one more interesting, The map will be much harder. But I wish tops can gain some pp on it
Thx again. This is my 1st map which is like this. And also it's the laat one.
No worries, I was just putting my opinion to words.
Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with this map.
The reason why I referred to the triplets being random is that there is no supporting instrument in the music hence it's randomly overmapped, but you are right with your reasoning that if you overmap consistently it becomes less random.
There's also nothing wrong with using 3/4 sliders the way you did, it's just a personal dislike that I have because often they play and sound weird which disrupts the general pace of a map.

I hope you don't feel discouraged, this being your first map in this fashion is nothing to be ashamed of.. afterall you learn a lot from using new methods.
Generally speaking the map is fine, has a nice layout, interesting patterns and sliders.
The things I pointed out are just personal distastes.

Good luck~

Forgot to mention;
03:14:251 (1,2,3,4) - and 03:15:635 (1,2,3,4) - sound like they should be 1/3 snap instead
03:24:405 (1,2,3,4) - is correctly snapped with 1/4
Listening to 25% playback rate on such high bpm still makes it difficult to hear out the correct snapping, so it's easy to make mistakes on such parts.
I am not even sure myself with this, but it sounds more appropriate to me.
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LOL yes thx but I really said something sincerely from my heart, but not only because of u.

edit: hard to snap yea I made them with 1/3 before but someone want to have some 1/4 streams so I resnapped.
I want to give a personal opinion too, if possible xP

I honestly think the map has been well mapped even with all those 3/4.
I tried to map this song already in the past (you can check, it's in my grave list) and I can 100% confirm that it's a pain in the ass to get some ideas on mapping an high bpm like that for a song like this. So nothing, good job, it's a good map, I can feel you.
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Chewin I appreciated your map before I made this one and thought that was one of the best one in the graveyard maps .
oh i just noticed its ranked

grats for the real yf and enjoy, i really like with your sb and map there <3
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