Chee-Z Special: Solo 2v2 Tourney [#1 - #70,000]

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Congratulations to Claximillions and TPA Ghoul for winning the tournament!!

I'd like to say thank you to the following people:

-phurion (for commentating)
Mel (selecting maps)
saoie (selecting maps, joining for the commentary, as well as helping out with the lobby)
Cadenza (helping with the balance system, giving ideas and always being available for testing stuff)
Pantsu (creating the beautiful Chee-Z Special banner)
Priti (joining for the commentary)
Shanipika (helping out with the lobby)
Kennen, N00dle, NameAcht, Pandas4Life & TPA Ghoul- For being available as a substitute, thank you!
• Every participant who turned up - Thank you for being there on time!
• Twitch viewers - Thanks for making it more lively and entertaining!
• osu! staff - Thank you for lending us the osu!tourney client as well providing 6-months supporter for the reward

Watch the whole tourney here!

This was a fun event to host, thank you everyone else and I hope to see many of you again in the next Chee-Z tournament (Chee-Z #6), which will probably be in July 2016! Take care everyone!


It is finally time for the promised Chee-Z Special tournament which was supposed to happen in January/February but didn't as I had no time. But it does not matter since it is happening now, so let's get down with all the details for the accuracy tournament! \o/

Main features:
• 2v2 Tournament (with 16 teams and 32 players)
ACCURACY win condition
• 4.4* - 5.4* Difficulty Maps
• Rank requirement: #1 - #70,000

Solo 2v2?


Solo as the name suggests, basically means that the player enters alone, being paired with a random teammate (using a balanced system).
This means that you do not require a team partner NOR have the option to select one.

This tournament is not like the previous Chee-Z tournaments, e.g. there will be no Final Boss Match as well as no reserved spots from the last Chee-Z tournament (#5). However, the old system WILL continue in the next tournament (Chee-Z #6).
The only thing which remains the same is that the win condition is ACCURACY-BASED.


SUNDAY 1st MAY 2016


How to Enter

You must meet these conditions in order to take part:

MUST be ranked #1 - #70,000
MUST have Skype (a microphone will NOT be used)
MUST be able to communicate in English
MUST be on time for the event (8PM UK time and if you cannot make it, let me know ASAP)
To take part in this event, follow these instructions:

1. Comment below saying you would like to take part, as well as stating your favourite type of food (obviously cheese).

2. Add pogge91 to your Skype and send a message with your osu! username.

I won't prioritise your spot if you haven't done Steps 1 and 2.

3. Once I have accepted your request and we have spoken, if everything went perfectly, I will add your name to the "Participants" list below.

4. You will be added to a Skype Group with every participant, once everything is ready. Expect to be invited.

5. In the Skype Group, you are free to chat but please keep a positive attitude and don't spam unnecessarily, think about the others and keep the chat clean. Not doing so will lead to a ban and you will not be able to take part.

6. Wait for Sunday 1st May and DO arrive 10-15 minutes before the event. If for some reason you cannot make it, then please let me know ASAP.

You will have up to 3 minutes if you don't appear in time for your match. After these 3 minutes, if there are no other matches that could be played, you will lose your match by default. (You can still play your losers bracket matches if you appear)

After the tournament, you are free to leave the Skype group as well as remove me from your Skype list.
You must follow these rules during the event:

NF Mod ENABLED (To guarantee the pass)
Free Mods ENABLED (You may choose from HR HD and FL though there will be no advantages!)
Accuracy win condition ENABLED
MUST play the given maps
MUST play with accuracy as win condition
DO arrive on time please to not cause any delays with the tournament
NO disrespecting, flaming or raging at anyone, especially your team partner! Instead, work together with your partner to find each others strengths and do what is needed to win your games!

HARSH RULE: Your team partner depends on you and it is your responsibility to communicate with each other. If one of the team member is absent, it will affect the whole team and the match MAY count as a loss!

Balance System

It is not 100% decided yet how the teams will be balanced, but currently this is how it will work:
Each player will have their own number of "Points" which will be manually used to match-make them with another individual.

The total points each team can have is 27. (subject to change, depending on the entries)

This is how the points will be calculated:

So let's give a little example: Pogge has an accuracy of 98.9% and his current rank is #9,182. The 98.9% accuracy gives him 3 points and the rank #9,182 gives him 12 points - The total points for Pogge is 15.
The max points a team can have is 25, so this leaves Pogge with a teammate who has up to 10 points. Makes sense? \o/

If anyone has suggestions to improve it further, feel free to message me!


sakuzyo - Scheol [Another] 4.44 Stars | 1:57 Length
Eric Prydz - Liberate (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) [Freedom] 4.5 Stars | 2:37 Length
Treyarch Sound - 115 [Insane] 4.58 Stars | 2:58 Length
Tujamo & Plastik Funk feat. Sneakbo - Dr. Who! (Smooth Remix) [Extra] 4.93 Stars | 2:15 Length
U1 overground - Dopamine [Kotori's EXTREME] 5.1 Stars | 1:58 Length
DJ Noriken - Elektrick U-Phoria [Extended Mix] [Illuminate] 5.34 Stars | 05:15 Length
Reol - MONSTER [KEVINCELA'S EXTRA] 5.36 Stars | 03:14 Length

NICODE feat. Guriri & Lucy – Myosotis [Expert] 4.76 Stars | 2:08 length
Rameses B - Timeless ft. Veela [Stella] 4.85 Stars | 02:14 Length
Lon - Yuru Fuwa Jukai Girl [Insane] 4.91 Stars | 03:04 Length
PolyphonicBranch - Chameleon Love / feat.Kano [Camouflage] 4.96 Stars | 02:48 Length
Rin - Prism Magical (DJ SHARPNEL hardrave remix) [Extra Magical] 5.13 Stars | 02:02 Length
Hanatan - Kimi no Kiseki [S.S] 5.15 Stars | 02:24 Length

Etherwood - Cast Away [Insane] 4.44 Stars | 2:18 Length
m-flo + daoko - IRONY (El Poco Maro Remix) [Insane] 4.51 Stars | 5:05 Length
Hana - Sakura no Uta [Lecana's Insane] 4.52 Stars | 3:50 Length
MitiS - Living Color (Original Mix) [Rainbow] 4.71 Stars | 5:28 Length
Vena Cava - Ohana [insane] 4.73 Stars | 02:02 Length
Reol - FLASH BACK [pishi’s Extra] 4.74 Stars | 04:14 Length
Jerico - Industrial Nation [Made in Korea] 4.87 Stars | 5:58 Length
DJ Siesta - Another Day [Another] 4.91 Stars | 1:41 Length
Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Frey’s Insane] 4.95 Stars | 2:51 Length
Porter Robinson - Divinity (feat. Amy Millan) [We Will Wait] 5.03 Stars | 06:06 Length
sana - Packet Hero [Extra] 5.08 Stars | 04:31 Length
Tristam - My Friend [Extra] 5.25 Stars | 04:08 Length


Thanks Mel and Saoie


1st place: 4x 1-month supporter to each player in the team
2nd place: 2x 1-month supporter to each player in the team
3rd place: 1x 1-month supporter to each player in the team

8-months funded by Me
6-months funded by osu! staff

All rewards can be gifted to other players


Stream & Commentary


Commentary: Pogge & -phurion

We will try our best to make this as entertaining as possible but please don't expect the best commentary. :)

Special Thanks

Also a special thank you to osu! staff who gave us permission to use the osu!tourney client as well as fund 6-months supporter for the reward.


If you have any questions, suggestions or spotted mistakes, feel free to leave a comment below or just send me a PM!

Good Luck to the participants!
I would like to participate.

Chocolate, obviously.
Sign me up my dude
let me in on this, Pogge!

and i'm sorry, i'm a loyal chocobro.
Sign me up
I'm in it to win it B) #ChocolateFTW
I wanna participate

ramen is cool
lemme play

i like cheese.........on my lasagna 8-)
Ffff, I want to join like I did last year, but I have plans that Sunday :c Good luck to the participants though!
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Please send me a message on Skype even if you have me already, thank you!
I want to participate.
OMG, if this wasn't a 1-day tournament taking place at a time where I'm literally unavailable, I would have so entered. Argh...
I would love to participate! My favorite food is Scalloped potatoes with cheese
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Updated Participants list
I want to join. I really like steak ^^
sign me up pls : )
pik me maybe c:
I wanna join:)
I'm in!

Also raspberries are the best food sorry
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