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Skystar wrote:

>isn t evn e ar1 0
01:03:079 (1) - offscreen unplayable fix
FUK i cant kd u anymor..
rip taeyang loli 9 star extra

VINXIS wrote:

FUK i cant kd u anymor..

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[rlcinxis' Ultra]
AR10 should be a given for a map that's so fast paced and has so many overlaps

Everything at 172399 (02:52:399 - ) and later sounds off by about 6~10 ms to me, try 172393 for offset

01:18:492 (4,5,1) - the movement towards 1 feels awkward to me, would be better to ctrl+g 4&5 imo
01:19:320 (4,5) - is way too close and feels super awkward because of it, either move 4 somewhere around x330 y45 or ctrl+g 01:19:216 (3,4) -
01:21:079 (5) - 3/4 really doesn't fit here imo, especially with the drum being ignored on the red tick
01:22:527 (3,4,5) - try http://puu.sh/sQf1Z/13c42f9918.jpg atm it's just d
01:44:458 (1) - would probably be better to stack it to the previous note or keep it closer to it, since the main melody thats being mapped stops there and having an extra tap is less awkward with closer spacing
01:52:216 (4) - slider direction should be a bit more alligned with the angle of incidence, feels odd the way it is right now (could just curve it and move a bit more to the right)
01:53:975 (2,3,1,2) - uncomfortable / confusing spacing, should definitely space them out further for 1/1s
02:12:803 (2,3,4) - feels too wide-angled to feel smooth at this speed, considering the fact that moving towards 3 first after the slider would feel more natural you could ctrl+g 2&3 and space 3 at x150 y255 or something afterwards
02:15:699 (6) - could curve this slider a bit more, its minor but helps witht he transition of the previous pattern
02:15:596 (5) - moving it somewhere close to 3 would make it easier to read and would make it feel less cramped, also helps with the intensity of the pattern
02:54:261 (2,3) - feels too far from the previous slider and movement is rather crude, would be better to ctrl+g the slider and place 2 ontop of the new start point
02:55:605 (5) - stacking this with the slider-end of 02:55:295 (3) - feels more natural for the movement
03:00:364 (5,6,7) - super awkward at such a bpm, http://puu.sh/sQg7q/27af7b67d8.jpg feels a lot better to me
03:10:502 (1) - this makes no sense to me whatsoever (why is this even there)
Following stuff is a suggestion to improve a pattern which feels sorta wonky to me
03:15:571 (1) - copy paste this slider 03:15:778 (2) - and ctrl+h, move it to x131 y55
03:15:778 (2) - move to x332 y104
03:16:192 (4) - move to x79 y255

03:17:847 (4,5) - ctrl g these?
03:18:054 (1) - ctrl + j if you done previous and move to x173 y135

03:20:330 (5,6) - how about making these into a slider instead? rather confusing section as it is right now
03:25:088 (4,5,6) - this is super meh, 03:25:088 (4) - x227 y266 03:25:192 (5) - x281 y93 03:25:295 (6) - ctrl+g feels a lot nicer to play

03:27:571 (3,5) - ctrl+g these for better flow and perhaps move 03:27:674 (4,5) - more to the left afterwards
02:59:839 (1) - 1/3 slider maybe? would be cool

Cool map but can't say I like it even tho I am a huge fan of high bpm maps.. too many overlaps for my taste, makes it not that much fun to play
o yea i applied thes thingz
i overslept lo

kiai time is less than 15 secs l o

00:20:044 (3,4) - will be kinda hard to read tbh since new players mostly use defalt skin x d
02:52:399 (1) - put this like 3 pixel up since new bpm kinda far than white thicc
03:23:847 (3) - tbh the shape is kinda ugly lo
02:04:320 (1,2,3) - parts like this should be flow-y im o
03:43:709 (1) - should prob end on 1/3 03:45:295 - thb

prob should use ar 5.5 ~ 5.7 since 6 is kinda too fast
oh yea and check aimod theres too much not snapped objects l o
02:25:010 (3,1) - too near lo
00:36:596 (1,2,3,4) - this plays better imo
01:18:596 (2,3) - i dont rlly thkni new players can do doublets without getting combobroke l o

03:02:950 (3,1,2,3) - kinda too near thb
03:08:019 (2) - nice slider
03:09:674 (2,1) - kinda look ugly t hb, i can suggest you thsi but idk since my suggestion is kinda crap too x d

disalbe widscreen suport if ur not gon make a sb
03:44:123 (3,4,5,1,2,3) - these kicksliders will prob kill every1 combos thb - _-
02:09:285 (1,2) - and 02:10:113 (1,2,3) - look kinda ugly im o : /
02:12:182 (2) - nc ? becuz this is kinda where the song starts again idk
02:15:285 (2,3,4,5) - this dont really play good thb : /
02:23:561 (2,3,4,5,1) - imo this plays better idk
02:52:399 (1) - ctrl+g? sure itll make the spacing kinda inconsisteng but kinda plays better im o
03:00:054 (2,3,4,5,6,7,1) - wh y tf is the spacing lower than the otthers
03:06:881 (3,1) - fucinkg burai sli der pls no
03:15:985 (3) - ctrl+g since this dont rlly play well : /

[orange's expret]
00:17:147 (3) - should prob put this a litle bit up so it faces 00:17:354 (4) - and (kinda) overlaps with 00:16:734 (1) -
00:51:492 (1,2,3) - i kno ur tryin to overlap 2 but the spacing is just p inconsistent : /
03:45:209 (1,2) - kinda hard to aim im o

nothing to mod since im too shit to play 7* lo kms

ok im a degenerat e
apple's is really cool
Super Ultra Hyper late.
sorry x-x

wot logo on the bg is flipped
stay mad bros
i cant wait till august 3059 wtf vonks -_
fk lemme rework it vinx
quite trash otaku map that vinxleft is
just passing by~

00:17:354 (2,3) - 00:19:010 (2,3) - and other rhythms like this are kinda like advanced diff for me, noticing that i won't be "friendly" to play with (think about it as 145 bpm :/)
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