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UndeadCapulet wrong redline was made 3/4 and now the whole last half the map is wrong timesig

✓ rip lol
Cheri problem with 1 pattern on the normal, missing hs on the leader diff, and a snapping suggestion on the toybot diff

rip trello and map discussion misleading due dates for rank :(

X (ranked)
Cheri really big spread gap between the hard and insane


well.. technically bpm should be halved?
idk how much we care about formalities like this tho

x (discussed)
Spread issues among lower difficulties.

✓ (as requested)
Cheri wrong snap on hard

edit: also hitsound volume inconsistencies on hard and insane (may point out more but won't edit this post no more)


explicitely said on my profile that I wanted people to credit me if they were charting some of my songs (Scattered Faith), hasn't been done
some people might argue that it doesn't apply because it's a mashup but I still thing crediting is important so I'd like this to be done for both me and gmtn. (who made furioso melodia)

might not be a valid reason for DQ but whatever, let's try anyway

edit: done
execution of additive rhythm/additive hs could be improved

Unnecessary overlap in the lowest difficulty + ARs in easy and normal being a little too low for such density levels.

x (map ranked)
Rolniczy low % of volume (40-50% only) through all map without any changes to them, causes to not have a proper hitsound feedback in many spots of the map + some early circles near the end

soft-hitnormal sounds very quiet

x (discussed)
general concern on patterning in normal + HS consistency improvement

Normal diff
problem what i found : end slider should be here 01:36:574
and about AR(maybe not important) maybe should be AR5 for normal since Normal diff from another map mostly use AR5

X (see below)
Kibb: Please post the issue in the thread next time:
Slider end is fine, it follows the vocals. AR 6 is more fitting for the higher density here.
Metadata (mappers from an old set accidentally added to tags and misspelled GDer name)

Suggestion for schoolboy diff

X (nvm we resolved)
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