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Cheri just difficulty setting adjustments suggestions altho i think the hp on the easy should be changed probably

Cheri question rhythm choice on the newton diff and a suggestion on the easy

✓ (ggf)
inconsistent snapping across all difficulties and an effectively silent sliderhead in insane

✓ (ggf)
Cheri clap blends in too much with the song even at almost max hs volume
Cheri some of the greenlines is not being applied to the sliderheads

✓ by Noffy
Nevo hard diff settings are wack like od10 annd hp 0

✓ Gottagof4st
Wrong offset, actually a bit earlier than it should be:

x (ranked now)
Cheri spread issues, mistake on normal, and pattern issue on easy and suggest ar changes

Cheri unhitsounded parts on the insane and hard diff and a minor tag suggestion

✓ (done)
UndeadCapulet wrong redline was made 3/4 and now the whole last half the map is wrong timesig

✓ rip lol
Cheri problem with 1 pattern on the normal, missing hs on the leader diff, and a snapping suggestion on the toybot diff

rip trello and map discussion misleading due dates for rank :(

X (ranked)
Cheri really big spread gap between the hard and insane


well.. technically bpm should be halved?
idk how much we care about formalities like this tho

x (discussed)
Spread issues among lower difficulties.

✓ (as requested)
Cheri wrong snap on hard

edit: also hitsound volume inconsistencies on hard and insane (may point out more but won't edit this post no more)


explicitely said on my profile that I wanted people to credit me if they were charting some of my songs (Scattered Faith), hasn't been done
some people might argue that it doesn't apply because it's a mashup but I still thing crediting is important so I'd like this to be done for both me and gmtn. (who made furioso melodia)

might not be a valid reason for DQ but whatever, let's try anyway

edit: done
execution of additive rhythm/additive hs could be improved

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