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-cherryglow- design skin v2 [STD][Mania]

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Falbere wrote:

Hello guys, this is my first public skin and it is my second attempt at making a skin! A lot of effort had been put into the UI and I hope you guys like it!
This skin had taken some inspiration from Skin2 by Megatron (vowyvowy) and you will still see some parts that will remind you of it!

This skin is supports standard and mania and supports 16:9 HD/SD. If the response is good, I might expand into other game modes like CtB.

All of the elements are made by me, except the hitsounds and a few things I blatantly stole from Skin2

I know many people will not like the comboburst sounds, so in order to disable the "woo" voice whenever the side characters pop up, go to the skin folder and delete "comboburst-0.wav" and "comboburst-1.wav".
To stop the characters form popping up completely, go to your osu options and disable "Combo bursts"
4:3 resolution users please download the 4:3 patch from the "addons" section!

Apr-24-2016 v1.00:
  1. Initial Release

May-01-2016 v1.10:
  1. removed various addon folders from the main download osk, they are now available as seperate downloads in the addons section of the forum post
  2. menu-button-background(@2x).png changed (comparison)
    -New musical single bar note
    -Fixed jagged and inconsistent edge thickness
    -Re-aligned scoreboard to fix clipping of scoreboard in gameplay
  3. selection-mod-nightcore(@2x).png overhauled (comparison)
  4. Ranking panel overhaul (comparison)
    -ranking-panel(@2x).png no longer have "ranking-maxcombo" and "ranking-accuracy" hard skinned into it.
    -New font style for ranking-maxcombo(@2x).png ranking-accuracy(@2x).png for more font consistency on scoreboard
    -Abandoned ranking-title(@2x).png and hard skinned the word "ranking" into the right side of the ranking panel (so now the text moves together with the panel when scrolling)
  5. updated cursor(@2x).png, glowing effect no longer clips with the edge of the png canvas
  6. added missing SD elements for scorebar ki
    -missing ones were scorebar-ki.png, scorebar-kianger.png, and scorebar-kianger2.png

Jul-10-2016 v2.00:
  1. Mania update! Check out the new screenshots and a new preview video.

main screen and background

song select

mod select

ranking results screen

pause and fail

skip button (animated)

in game



I strongly believe that skin is a personal possession, thus, here are some items to customize your own version of - cherry glow -. To install, just unzip these and replace the files in your - cherry glow - skin folder.

1. Alternate ranking panel (preview 4:3) (preview 16:9) (PUUSH DOWNLOAD) (MEGA DOWNLOAD)
- more traditional ranking panel layout
- works well with multiplayer on both 4:3 and 16:9 screens

2. 4:3 patch (preview) (PUUSH DOWNLOAD) (MEGA DOWNLOAD)
- for players who play on 4:3 aspect ratios
- fail/pause backgrounds, ranking panel, and mania optimizations

3. Alternate scorebar ki (preview) (PUUSH DOWNLOAD) (MEGA DOWNLOAD)
- a different style that works with the skin

- spinners turn faster

5. TECHNOGALAXY animated scorebar (preview) (video preview) (PUUSH DOWNLOAD) (MEGA DOWNLOAD)
- a beautiful animated scorebar by Garin, creator of TECHNOGALAXY, that fits - cherry glow - 's scorebar background completely
Wow, Falbere Its Very Lovely Skin, I Really Like To Use It, Very Nice I Hope This Cheers U Up :D
Nice skin *-*
I really like it! Good skin! I'm in love with the "Skip" button :D
Keru Kawashiro
Are you going to skin the ScoreV2 mod icon?
Really nice skin
How do I fix this skin for 16:10?
Otherwise, a nice skin. My only complaint is that I don't really like the double lines on the playing screen for the hitcircles :/
Now if you would just improve the hit circles (remove the kinda ugly faded out circle) and skin score v2 i'll use this skin forever! :?
I really like the skin, but I cannot play with it :S is there a lighter version, like with less color and no changing between colors in followpoints ?
Green leave
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