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-StarK wrote:

was one of the OpenITG3 clients~ and i played the same style as u index/3 fingers lol but this is when i had a metal pad for my PC
Oh jeez, is that the OpenITG client or were you actually playing that on pad? I have issues with that client, it was always causing the online server trouble. But yea, I used to play that song all the time while practicing index/three finger style. ITG Rebirth was my favorite out of all of them. Though the ITG Rebirth + pack had a lot of cool files too, Machinaeguns being one of them. What style do you use?
was one of the OpenITG3 clients~ and i played the same style as u index/3 fingers lol but this is when i had a metal pad for my PC[/quote]

Ah, I see. Good job, I need to buy a metal mat soon too haha.

Ikillforpies wrote:

its like ddr on keybroads lol.
Here's the fastest I've seen someone (with their feet on camera). Probably the best ITG player, though some argue calimist is just as good.

As for keyboard fastest, here's a video by a friend of mine who is one of two people I consider the fastest player. I couldn't even pass this song normal speed (some parts were fast, and I don't play spread too well). Yet he seems to have done it 1.5 rate. It's not the fastest video, but it's pretty fast and 17+ minutes long (the song was 26+ minutes long). Also, 12:30 in the video is probably the hardest part he had to pass.

i remember the days of trying to finish solitude sun to no avail whatsoever

failure had never been so sweet
will be only fun if there still there are dance pads selling~

Xyrenus wrote:

will be only fun if there still there are dance pads selling~
In that case just buy an ITG machine and mod it or something. It is preference, but stepmania is a fun game for keyboard. And yea, they sell plenty of mats or alternatively PS2 to USB converters. Though if you buy those get the expensive ones, there are cheaper ones sold that don't come with certain drivers. Buying the 10-15 dollar converters ensures that all you need to do is plug it in and use it, no installation of extra drivers needed. Some of them won't register parallel jumps, another reason to get the more expensive ones.

For anyone who would ever plan on getting an ITG machine, check this out. Best theme I've ever seen, available for ITG machines :P

stepmania in a nutshell

Gonzzz wrote:

stepmania in a nutshell
lolol :lol:

Gonzzz wrote:

stepmania in a nutshell
I should've figured that video/gif would've been posted haha. It's like me posting a video of someone raging at osu! who was immature enough to break their monitor over it. It's kind of narrow minded of you, but even I admit it's funny. Nothing like seeing an idiot act cocky and get posted as an emo kid who's depressed, like "The Greatest Freakout Ever" video.

Sadly, kind of why I left the community, that's basically most of the "SM community" in a nutshell. The game was enjoyable though...

Gonzzz wrote:

stepmania in a nutshell
Get back into playing nerd :evil:

P.S. Hi, I hope none of you besides Gonzz and ddrXero know me.
Hey GD, funny seeing you 'round here. :P
Yay, I think I'll post my latest SM video.

I've been playing on and off for a little more than 3 years. Favorite simfile artist is Alice_. His maps are so awesome. I play a little StepMania Online but that's only if one of my friends would play.

ProudOtaku wrote:

Yay, I think I'll post my latest SM video.

**Youtube Link**
You only need to post the 11 character code after the "=" to embed it. This is because if you use a link from another country ( a .jp domain, or a .nl for example) it won't embed. Most forums just use the universal code.

Nice score, which version is that (which pack is it from, or where'd you et it?)? Your cbs are really good (AKA ability to keep a long combo), but I think you're MA could use a little bit more accuracy. I wouldn't even bother though, it makes sense, you play on and off, inconsistency always lowers accuracy. I can't play for a while (not even osu!) due to my Tourette's. I'm starting to cringe my figures extremely hard when playing rhythm games with keyboard ( I can't use just mouse clicks either) and my fingers are getting extremely sore. But I hope to post some videos of me soon, I do have some lying around though...

Here are some, they were first try though, just to show my latest simfiles.

heres another game identical to stepmania its called Beatupmania<-- click to dl basically a mode off of Audition (another dancing/rhythm game) here are some vids :D p.s if u ever plan on getting this game keys are 741 for left side and 963 for right and the yellow bar in middle is space~

one of my custom charts:

oHAI MARISSA after mario >.>:
vids of playing and simfile CHaRToGRaPHY:

notable stuff

dat MA

lol first post on SM thread
some of my ITG vids (2 yrs ago noob)

(may have to turn volume up)

Aaah stepmania <3 My first rhythm game ever.

I started playing DDR/stepmania back in 2003 after trying it out in the arcade machine in Helsinki. Month later I ordered my first dance mat from Japan.

Currently I own 4 "Rave Station" dance mats (tbh the best dance mat ever! I haven't broken a single one of them during these ~8 years of intensive use!), 2 lesser quality dance mats which I don't really like, and one metallic dance pad. :)

I used to arrange DDR compos on lan parties... that's why I have some spare mats. :D

Even though I also play Osu! now, I still love Stepmania/DDR over anything. Though you can't really compare osu and ddr. :)
I'm better off playing it with arrow keys. :P
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