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Current Priority: +0
There is a new function in our profiles that allow us to see how many hours we spent in osu, I suggest to divide graph which will show you, when the user was offline and when in game.
Thats the very fast "prototype" how I see this, that may be helpful for every osu player who like "stats and graphs"

The spent time in the game is measured by playtime and time on tries, not how long your client has been running. Also, I believe there is no start/end time of when the actual time is sent, so it wouldn't really work this way.

And I don't think it would make much sense, personally speaking.
So you want this on your profile?

Uhmm. It's kinda useless. Why would such fact be interesting?
I mean i would like to see when i was trying to get more pp and failing and when i was just afk, also want the graph which will show my progres when I was playing.
@it's suggestion, in my opinion there is a great potential in osu graphs.
It's imo a better idea to be able to zoom in, so you can see increases/decreases on a hour-basis instead of a daily-basis
Yeah exactly, also we could see in which part of the day we are the most productive, in which hours of the day.
Rank in relation to time spent ingame means nothing. I play mostly unranked maps when it comes to mania
I see your point, but still thinking that there should be done some improvement in graph.
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