What is the worst gaming community (in your opinion)?

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Drift City Remastered

From the time he joined until I stopped playing, the only thing I found was hate speech, pro Hitler speeches, doxxing, etc, etc.
The moderators allow these behaviors and devs are not far behind, although it is true that in their discord they are a little more "controlled" but disgusting and toxic ingame.

Because it's a fanmade, it's made by players who played the game before it shutdown, so they have an abstract vision of what the game is, making progress in it unpleasant for those who have not previously known the game and known its mechanics, which in the current Remastered are abused in order to progress.
This is very important to note since if half of the toxicity occurs with the aforementioned, the other half understands this well, the devs does not care completely if you do not manage to progress, they have removed absolutely all the helps to help the player that It was difficult to progress (see, by not completing a mission in the established time, the counter tended to increase a couple of seconds (with a maximum increase, obviously) in order to help said player, since typically the missions are usually completed in a remaining margin of 1 to 3 seconds on average since for some reason, the devs have unreal time stamps for an average player, since as I have previously explained, they have a vision game abstract).

Surely I am leaving aside many things since I stopped playing months ago and honestly I do not know what the current state is, I hope for the better, but they really do not deserve it.
League, so much toxic people smh. Don't really play it that much anymore tbh.
Call of Duty. Great game but you will be called the worst things imaginable. From a little kids saying they had sexual relations with your parents. Grown up stoner heads calling you a faggot. Angsty teens trying to be edgy. And one day, you will have enough of the toxicity and you will join the toxicity yourself. You will one day become the very thing you hated most. And that’s the COD community for you.

Oh and you will get booted offline (ddosed) over and over and over again. It is such a damn problem me and my friend quit multiplayer and only played zombies mode. But luckily new Black Ops Cold War made it so you can hide your ip meaning you can talk so much shit without the fear of being ddosed.

pk kkr toho 999 wrote:

the call of duty community and halo community. Both communities have an ongoing war on what game is better, plus almost everyone of them are probably like 9
So nothing has changed since 2007 it seems.
probably the pvp community of minecraft, it's really toxic
Rocket League is as toxic as you can get sometimes.
Animal Crossings community fell from grace since nh has been released. Theres a load more toxic ppl now and I tend to stay away from it now.
While I would jokingly put osu!, I would put the ROBLOX game Juke's Towers Of Hell, specifically the Joke Towers part of the community. as the main JTOH community is a little toxic (calling players who beat a soul crushing tower (towers that are insane difficulty or higher) a noob as they beat a harder one) and the joke towers community will ban, who is considered by most people, the most important person in the community because they said "Effortful"(Yes, this really happened).
In my opinion, League has the worst community. People flaming each other for feeding bot lane or making the littlest mistake. You'll meet a lot of toxic people in norms/ranked as well.
BTW I changed my username yesterday to peppy points and I achieved mastery 6 with Lux.
osu! and or roblox

though roblox seems to have much more toxic community filled with the worse kind of stuff.
osu! isn't a bad community in my opinion, but there is a dark side of it.
Mainly the toxicity in osu! I get comes from Discord.

somebody_33 wrote:

osu! isn't a bad community in my opinion, but there is a dark side of it.
Mainly the toxicity in osu! I get comes from Discord.
especially the etterna discord,i litterally asked how do i pause and the guy that made the game said do you pause when taking a piss in the toilet,then he deleted his post but alot of people were talking trash and then he muted me and then i just left
definitely League Of Legends.

The game isn't bad, the community is just toxic.
You could probably put any competitive game community in here and it'd qualify pretty well as 'worst gaming community' lol
That said, as for what I've experienced personally League of Legends is a pretty safe answer, and Rocket League's community is full of dumb kids
osu!'s community is a good contender too, but since I haven't been active in 4 years or so (came back here and there, as well as now), so I'll reserve judgement on that one as it may have improved. lemme know if it hasnt ig
Fortnite has gone to shit
Hands down League of Legends. It is rare I go a day playing it where I don't see somebody calling someone else on the team something derogatory for virtually no reason. But yet I still love playing it, especially if I have a chill group of friends to play it with.
easily gta i played that game for a legit two days and the only memories I have is just toxicity
- Virtu -
SEA Dota
It's gotta be League hands down, I was only just learning how to play and people who are on their low-level accounts and already know how to play are so nasty lol. Totally put me off it
If Twitter was a game...

Slenders, Copy and pastes. Flexers, And toxic teamers;

"so good moderation"
bans people for saying gay
doesnt ban people for making real boobs in a virtual game
Why is nobody saying Roblox? The new users there have ruined the game.
rainbow six
fortnite have a community unbearable more than dad poop smell
LoL, Fortnite, Minecraft
The answer: South East Asian MOBA (dota 2, lol, mobile legends)
CS:GO really bad community, almost every game its someone who has to start an argument.

Kruiozi wrote:

CS:GO really bad community, almost every game its someone who has to start an argument.

vanessaonbeat wrote:

Why is nobody saying Roblox? The new users there have ruined the game.
That's what I've also noticed, being a kamikaze player myself.

I joined Roblox in 2013, and have slowly stopped playing since.
Minecraft, more specifically the Dream Minecraft community.

Felixland wrote:

Minecraft, more specifically the Dream Minecraft community.
That's probably after it was found that Dream accidentally cheated his runs using mods (he knew about these mods too).
roblox arsenal and jailbreak communities.
for actual games and not children simulators, FNF and paladins
All games that are for children, + osu!
IMO, the worst community i've known so far is a community from a small game called GROWTOPIA.

It used to be fun, i've made a lot of friends from it. But this past few years, the game has gone downhill. To the point that it become one of the most capitalistic MMO game out there. The main motivation for people to play that game is to own as much pixel currency as they can. People scamming each other, price manipulation, auto clicker, market manipulation. even it's a normal sight to see friend backstabing each other.

Going anywhere in that game is a complete nightmare as you'll mostly see people bragging about their pixel wealth. People bragging about how much time they have wasted just to become richer in a game that will going to die in a few years, people whining, crying, ranting, people who alwasy ask for a donation ell, etc.

If you wish to improve your anger control. I suggest playing that game. Since you'll be frustated every single time you play that game.
There's this game that's literally a blatant copy of League that is super popular in my country and it's called Mobile Legends. The community is so shit as the game itself. And id hate to say that I was once a part of the toxic community. I used to cry a lot when I lose and I'm glad to not touch that game again ever since my phone broke. And I'm also super bad at MOBAs so I'm stuck in low ranks
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