What is the worst gaming community (in your opinion)?

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osu. At this point it's not even a community, but a bunch of several different groups that keep on throwing shit at each other.
Witch Mercy
League's community is pretty bad.
You know that one game that has all the children running around with garishly coloured knives? You know, the one where apparently everyone has fucked your mom?

CS is pretty cancer. But I can't say it's the worst because I have met some really nice people there.

GSG95 wrote:

CS is pretty cancer.
either neogaf or both are terrible in their own right
Kind of a silly thread that doesn't do much to address why these gaming communities are the way they are, but whatever.

I feel like a lot of multiplayer FPS games (such as Call of Duty and CounterStrike) tend to have slightly more "toxic" players than the average. This could be due to a number of reasons: (1) team games in general give you the ability to yell at your teammates and blame others for your loss, which could result in more toxic behavior among players; in competitive 1v1 games this is not possible because the only person you can blame is yourself really. (2) FPS games have that first person perspective, so when you kill someone the feeling of domination over them might be higher than if you kill someone in a MOBA for example, because you really feel like you killed that player in person. This could lead to testosterone fueled pride if you kill someone or testosterone fueled rage if you mess up or whatever.
I just came here to see how many people wrote "osu".

SubZ XD wrote:

I just came here to see how many people wrote "osu".
osu! is far from the worst community I've seen lol.

league is bad but most toxic players r just trolling tbh
osu is some next level drama

tldr, league is men fighting
osu is women fighting
-Combat Arms
Once i played a WoW private server, dont remember the name rn but people there were pretty fucking toxic.
Almost every game is kind of toxic tbh
Should I wrote this? oke, Osu!
others game Imo just like not reality, but here yus.

Other rhythm gaming communities loathe osu,
and frankly,I could see why.
league (sometimes)

this is just compared to other gaming communities i've been involved

DeathAdderz wrote:

Almost every game is kind of toxic tbh
Yup. It's just a matter of finding the games that are less so or are tolerable.

I know League of Legends gets a lot of hate for how toxic the community is but I find I can just ignore anything toxic they say, sit back, relax and just play my game. Easier not to get drawn into it by being toxic yourself. League's honestly one of my more chill games, oddly enough, lol.
Would have to say the League community is bad yet I still can't stop playing it.
Five Nights at Freddy's
Call of Duty
League of Legends

(and honestly, the osu! community is salty but very good. I don't get why everybody says that their own community is bad, it happens everywhere, but you're forgetting a thing: you're part of the community you say is bad, so, following the same logic, you're bad too)
Zain Sugieres
League of Legends
Five Nights at Freddy's
War Thunder (heavily depends on a nation in RB)
Minecraft (Depends on your luck)

War Thunder RB short descriptions of nations:
USSR: Russians
USA: Patriot Americans
GB: Casuals
Germany: WT Extremists
Japan: Roleplayers and weebs

Gumpyyy wrote:

GSG95 wrote:

CS is pretty cancer.
lol this. You're better off playing CS with a full lobby of friends... if you solo queue... well as they say, glhf...
the undertale community is still cancerous af
If you mean in-game communities, for me it was Tera! Online (only MMO that ever drove me to block all world chats.) As for like, fan stuff and what, Final Fantasy. Love the series, but over reacted 13 hate, and over reacted 7 hype.

That's all that really came to my mind at the moment. I could mention some partially flawed ones, but sticking with the "worst" topic.

Zain Sugieres wrote:

League of Legends
Five Nights at Freddy's

Akemi-kun- wrote:

the undertale community is still cancerous af
Sad I'm part of that cancerous community :( (not all the players' fault tho)
Well the only community that made me leave was LoL. I did the best advices troll gave me : Uninstall

Because it is pointless to keep playing a game and participate in a community that is utterly toxic on every level.

Osu! has quite a good community. There are good people, some rotten apples a few nuts, everything needed to make a good community. Also I agree with SkullFull, we are part of the osu! community, so it does befall on us to make things better. Some cheers, some politeness and Osu! is already better :)
Imo Osu! has one of the best gaming communities I met. I've seen lots of toxicity in all counter-strike games, DotA 2,HoN,LoL, heck even H1Z1's community is pure cancer, most people I met on osu! were pretty friendly, obviously with a few exceptions here and there
Some FnaF and some UT. I don't like some of the UT and FnaF fandom, Although I like FnaFTale.
Sexy Animatronics and Furries make me cancer, but theories, song and few animations are so good. (Sorry, My English is so poor. :( )
Still sad about the Undertale community :(

Why do the best games get a cancerous community :|:|:|
Is it too general to say the competitive fighting game community? There have been plenty of stories about really horrible sexist stuff and elitist bullying (ie booing everyone involved in a Brawl tournament just because you like Melee more).
World of Warcraft and Minecraft
i would say minecraft

ive had a very good experience with the osu community, but im probably just lucky
league ofc

I've seen some crap here but I don't want to get into the gory details
I'm part of it and it sucks ;3;
The Geometry Dash community is quite... interesting, but a lot of bullying and drama about the best player is quite... Bruh...
Not that i dislike it (Cuz i don't)

Minecraft is just cringy

Undertale... is like SPOILER WARNING

AutoMedic wrote:

every <insert gamemode here>WC
league or CoD
is there even a gaming community that is remotely good?
Zain Sugieres

Nesoi wrote:

is there even a gaming community that is remotely good?
Paradox games fans are a good community

Nesoi wrote:

is there even a gaming community that is remotely good?
obscure ones
roblox is by far worse than osu
Can I just say Town of Salem
Curve Fever is the worst community i've ever seen..
Why? Because a lot of trolls, mad kids, drama about ranking, fanboys ( type of people like this who stalking you for that, when you said his "master" is a noob, etc. ).

I had places in first 30 on the global ranking, so... when I joined to lower ranking room, 80% players going on me, cuz I'm better and it's funny, when my ranking falling down like London Bridge, lol

That's why I left from this game, but there isn't only reasons , why I did it.
Moderators just ignore me, when I sent screens with proofs, etc.
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