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Thanks for pointing that out :P When I originally picked up the song, it had no info.

I'll also look into asking in that thread for assistance. Thank you!
Xgor is kinda incorrect. The artist should be Power-Pill with the title being Pac-Man. Source.

Power-Pill is an alias of Aphex Twin though, so he should probably stay in tags.
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ok ty :P
Fixed (again)
I can't dl this, plz full submit again

Edit: I mean I can dl it, but there's no mp3 in it ...just 5.20kb .osu file
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That's weird. I can download it just fine =

I didn't do a full submission anyway in the first place. It's nowhere near done :P

Anyway.. I can probably re-submit it. Wouldn't hurt I suppose.
I'm not getting an MP3 either.
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Hmm.. That's really weird. I didn't post it as an MP3 in the first place though. It's a .ogg. Maybe if I switch to MP3 it will maximize compatibility.

EDIT: Just tried to redownload and doesn't work for me either.. Hmm..

If anyone knows of a fix, it would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Fixed the major bug with downloading the map. Fixed the bug where the map had reverted to an earlier version. Will fix sliders next.

I think this goes so far up the unrankable scale, that it's even unapprovable lol
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My goal isn't really to get this approved or ranked, but just to make one of the hardest possible maps, if not the hardest possible map. I want to give the experts of the game something to work towards if they can't beat it, or just give a map for people to mess around with :P I kind of suck at the game, so I got about 50% on it.

I made the map very lenient as far as the overall difficulty to actually make it possible, as when I set it up there you could not hit a single note.

It would be interesting if this ever gets approved though.

Any suggestions though that won't reduce its difficulty? This is my second map I ever made, and the first one ever submitted. Even as a work in progress or for help.
of course you'd make this deathrain~

i cant do it even with relax halftime and easy zzzz
If this spacing wasn't so retardedly stupid I could certainly beat this.

EDIT: Fuck your shit.

The other diff has just bullshit circle size and I can't beat it.
-Reduced life drain to 5 from 6. lolwat
-Reduced life drain to 5 from 6.

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Ignored. GTFO faggots. Easymode was a joke and I made a typo. Big whoop.

Did you know that lolwut isn't a word? AHAHA PWNED.

Don't make fun of people's maps no matter how bad you think it is. If all you can do is bitch, moan and complain about a map that you can't beat, then go away. You were my favorite mapper Blue Dragon, now I lost all respect for you. You said something along the lines of "Don't ridicule other people's maps if you haven't made a good one" or whatever, but really now, that's just like saying "You aren't a professional baseball player, so you can't say that the player with no runs and who has rarely even hit the ball is a bad player."

EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot. Thanks for playing my map!
Too easy!

Not a great pass, but meh whatever.

Yes I know this is a necro. This is just a fun map though (even though it might not be great). Maybe someone else would like to try.
too ez :^ )
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