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Hi! I've made a USB adapter for the Tatacon, and it works great.

Currently it emulates a keyboard which is fine in game, but can't be used like the Bluetooth one to navigate osu's menus.

Is there documentation for the joystick HID setup that osu expects? Is it something I can even replicate without being a Bluetooth device?
Currently osu uses the Platform/Windows implementation of OpenTK.Input.Joystick. It's open source so you can check out the implementation if you want. This may change in the future, though, because it's kinda buggy.
Are you saying osu's implementation is open source, or the OpenTK implementation?

I found an xbox controller lying around - it's suitable to navigate menus, but doesn't double as an input method for Taiko.

The fact that Wiimote support also changes the lights on the remote makes me think there may be more work required than just emulating a joystick.
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