Materialist 1.0 (Standard only HD SD- 08.04.2016)

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Hello everyone,
It me took 4 days to make this skin while maintaining quality. The mod buttons and extras took most of the time.

This stylish skin has many interchangable sets that you can swap around to your liking. Additionally there are visible hit300s, reversearrows, sliderfollowcircles, particles and alternative cursors in the extra folder.

The patterns I used came from
The hitcircle, hitcircleoverlay, cursor and sliderfollowcircle were made by Haskorion for this skin and so huge thanks to him for that.

All the set are available in the extra folder labeled "Alternate Elements"

As a special service: You can request custom sets. Just provide the link to the images in your reply and I will make your set out of them (ideally 1920x1080).

This Skin is 117 MB inklusive extra Folder

Catch the Beat, Taiko and Mania - Coming soon...

Download Link via Dropbox

Exlusive Elements from extra folder "Alternate Elements"

It offers so much diversity and individuality.
Kazato Asa
Good skin!
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Shizuku- wrote:

Good skin!
Thanks :)
Very nice skin! :oops:
God this skin is so nice *_* Going to download it and try it out! Looks very good :P
Very nice Skin!
Perfect for Streaming or Jumps :)
Good Jump <3
love it! well done ;)
Very nice skin. It's feels very smooth while playing with it.
Good job! c:
By far my favourite Skin creator!!!!

Well done Buddy <3
Really good skin!
I love it
keep making more :)
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