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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 17 July 2017 at 20:34:20

Artist: nano
Title: Bull's Eye
Source: 緋弾のアリアAA
Tags: Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A AT-X
BPM: 192
Filesize: 9425kb
Play Time: 03:41
Difficulties Available:
  1. Extra (6.35 stars, 1166 notes)

Download: nano - Bull's Eye
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Currently Fully remapping again


Extra: Me


  • HP can be raised a bit I guess. 5 is too forgiving for such difficulty.

    The artist should be " ナノ "

    You should fill up the Source field with " 緋弾のアリアAA "

    Also, some tags taken from already ranked sets: "Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A AT-X"



  • 00:08:573 (1) - finsh on head?

    00:14:817 (1,2) - while it may be played fine, I find it a bit hard to predict, since similar spacing was used for other 1/2 patterns before. You should give a unique shape to the slider or something to make the player understand the 1/4 jump better imo. Here's a suggestion to at least give you an idea to work on, feel free to re-arrange (obviously)

    00:16:645 (3,4) - ctrl + G? I think it gives more impact

    00:19:995 (7) - ctrl + G here too maybe, the flow looks a bit stiff seeing the short spacing with 00:19:843 (6) -

    00:21:213 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - this is totally a personal matter, so you might not like it. In this part the piano is really peculiar and gives a nice feeling to the song, so imo you should follow more how it plays. As it is now you just keep on going with the previous rhythm based on drums: it's fine, but as I said I'd rather have the piano step in and make the map a little more "different".
    Since words not always can give the right impression, here's another suggestion: part1 part2 (the blue slider is stacked on the pink 2)

    00:27:609 (3,4,5,6,7) - alright, the volume here might be a bit misleading, since even in the music those sounds are reeeeally soft. I would keep volume at 50% at least probably. I also wante to point out the fact that 00:27:685 (4) - looks like a passive beat (it's not that important to be played and imo it can throw off people too), so what about converting 00:27:609 (3,4) - into a 1/4 slider again? By doing so you also put emphasis on the fact that 00:27:761 (5,6,7) - these beats are stronger than the rest of the combo.
    Generally, I would prefer keeping everything with sliders tho, since as I said, the volume is pretty low so it feels a bit strange to click on barely audible sounds.

    00:31:873 (5) - nazi thing, but necessary: tilt the tail a bit to the left to make it more similar to the other 2 sliders, like this

    00:33:091 (1) - Ctrl + G?

    00:33:091 (1,1,2) - what about a reverse slider instead? It gives a good emphasis on the next slider too imo

    00:38:269 (2) - I find this placement misleading, since you put a lotr of emphasis on a red tick (I'm referring to 00:38:421 (3) - ), so imo you should be stacking 00:38:269 (2) - on top of 00:38:421 (3) -
    Same applies to 00:39:030 (5,6) - for consistency, I'd say

    Unless you use some increase in spacing, 00:46:949 (1,1) - these NCs are a bit meaningless imo

    00:57:457 (1,2) - this spacing is again misleading, since you're using huge jumps before (00:56:848 (3,4,5,6) - ) yet this part has visually the same spacing, yet they are slower which gives me a feeling of sloppiness. Imo you should have stacked 00:57:457 (1,2) - together: the position of 1 is good and it flows well, so imo you should stack 2 under 1 (the pattern has to change after that so idk if you like it)

    01:00:350 (2) - a little nazi here too, but use the Distance Spacing once in a while lol

    01:16:340 (1,2,3,4) - this curve.... is telling me nothing xD I mean, what's the meaning in such curve if it has no particular rhythms or something at all...
    Maybe something like this looks cleaner, idk...

    01:21:365 (1,4) - NC goes on 4

    01:33:091 (2) - ugh, the spacing is really short between this and 1, even if this one is a really strong beat. What about moving it to around 168;48?

    01:41:771 (1) - no need for NC imo, the pattern is the same as the previoud triangle and there is no change in rhythm

    01:42:685 (1) - same for this one, but I guess you could keep it since you use the fact those 2 beats are stacked as an excuse :p

    01:45:426 (4) - the stack isn't so appealing here for me. What about moving this to around 254;298?

    01:53:345 (7,1) - rip emphasis on 1 ;w; I can also still hear a sound on 01:53:421 - so imo you should add it (and change direction to that tricky slider) (using 1/4 sliders is a fine idea too btw)

    01:56:238 (1,2) - again, this may be confusing to read since you use such spacing for 1/2 spans too

    02:07:812 (5) - 1/4 slider?

    02:11:771 (1,2) - be careful with the 1/4 jump

    02:12:990 (1,2) - idk, maybe I'm really too nazi, but I see no reason to use different shapes for this one. I ask you to change this just for the sake of aesthetics and order

    02:20:832 (3) - anything below 20% of volume maybe considered as well as silenced since it can't be heard so doing such thing on a circle means that circle shouldn't be there to begin with (unless you want it to be heard and played properly, which isn't the case here)
    02:11:391 (5) - same here

    02:26:619 (4,5) - stack them better

    02:27:457 (1,2,3) - nope, this spacing is totally misleading, you're using it for 2 different snaps and there is no way to tell them apart. 02:27:761 (2,3) - Stack these 2 to fix the problem

    02:30:959 (5,6) - please, why are you throwing out of the window your map now at the end ;w; You can't use same spacing for different snaps in the same combo, it's unreadable
    02:31:873 (3,4) - same for this one

    02:33:091 (3,4,5) - it kinda triggers me, since you're using perfect and geometrical patterns in this part of the song, yet this shape has no meaning at all as it is

    02:36:746 (2,3,4,5) - seeing some of your previous spacings, this can be easily misunderstood as a simple 1/2 snap, not a 1/3 (just check 02:40:553 (5,6) - for a clear example of what I mean). To avoid any confusion, repeat sldier would be the best, since 1/3 snaps aren't that common in the song anyway.
    You could have mapped differently this part if you used some sort of pointer to make players understand this previously, but there isn't so we have to stick with what we have.

    02:40:553 (5) - circles work better, trust me

    02:44:360 (6,7) - how can I differentiate between these ones and 02:40:553 (5,6) - these ones? You need more order to make these things readable, really.

    02:49:233 (3,4,5,6) - if you have to silence like that a circle it means it shouldn't be there at all

    02:54:106 (1) - this kinda interrupts the flow and it feels awful. Using 2 1/4 sldiers could work too if you wanted some change in the flow.

    02:55:401 - if you leave this empty and place a note on 02:55:477 - I will think you want to follow vocals from there on, but it doesn't happen. It may be you had no space to continue the stream till that point but you can alwasy move your previous objects a bit more and make it fit, right? So use the beat on 02:55:401 - , please

    02:59:284 (1,2) - again with the big 1/4 jump =w= Also, 02:59:284 (1,3) - the overlap isn't so nice to see at this point in the map

    03:14:665 (3,1) - too short

    03:21:975 (1) - no need for the NC here

    03:36:442 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - this can be polished more... by far

    03:38:497 (2,3) - weren't you using a different pattern for this kind of rhythm...? Something like... 02:44:360 (6,7,1) - ?
    03:39:335 (1,2,1) - same

    03:41:619 (3) - Missing NC

Be careful with the usage of NCs tho, since I saw you tend to use a LOT of them for some reason but it's not a problem as long as there's a reason behind it (which there was I guess)
  • General

  1. Audio bitrate is higher than 192kbps
  2. This is more subjective but I think the audio quality isn't good. The instrumental doesn't sound clear as it should
  3. You placed two timing points at 03:21:213
  4. Unsnapped kiai time at 03:15:121
  5. Some combo colors such as 7 and 8 barely differ from each other. So does combo color 2 and 6



    This will be a mainly NC and hitsounds mod as I don't feel comfortable modding difficulties above 4*.

  6. 00:00:635 - I think Normal hitsounds are too loud for the intro. I suggest to either low the hitsounds volume or change the sampleset to soft.
  7. 00:05:947 (1,1,2,3) - Change the sampleset to soft at those slider ends? I think it sounds much better.
  8. 00:08:573 - You could add more hitsounds here to follow the drums at 00:09:030, 00:09:639, 00:10:249, 00:10:858 and so on!
  9. 00:18:320 (5,1) - Comboing is wrong here according to your previous combos. NC should be at 00:18:320 (5), not at 00:18:777 (1).
  10. 00:20:756 (4,1) - Same here.
  11. 00:25:629 (7,1) - And here too.
  12. 00:26:695 (1,1) - I don't find those NCs necessary at all. I think it'd be better if you remove them, to prevent NC overuse.
  13. 00:28:523 (2) - Unfitting normal sampleset again imo. Consider using soft hitsounds here.
  14. 00:36:594 (3,1) - The SV change along with the sudden jump make this part feel awkward, at least to me. Also, I think 00:36:594 (3) should be a circle instead. The slider end isn't following any sound.
  15. 00:37:355 (1) - Unnecessary NC. Better make this part of the previous combo, as the music doesn't really ask for it.
  16. 01:08:573 (2,3) - Weird spacing here. Why increasing it so little like this?
  17. 01:14:360 (6,1) - I think swapping NCs here would fit more with the music and your combo pattern.
  18. 01:14:817 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - Too many short combos here. To make them longer I suggest you to remove NC at 01:15:122 (1) and 01:15:731 (1). I don't know what you could do with 01:16:035 tho.
  19. 01:23:040 (1) - Inconsistent NC (you didn't add any at 01:25:477). Better get rid of it.
  20. 01:27:914 (1) - Inconsistent comboing again I think!
  21. 02:06:289 (1) - I don't think this NC is necessary here. Consider removing it to reduce the amount of short combos through the map.
  22. 02:40:934 (8) - Overmapped triplet here. There's no sound here so this circle is pointless. This happens more times, like at 03:00:122 (4), 03:04:995 (5) and so on.

    I didn't understand why you suddenly began to use claps but stopped at, 00:41:315, and then used claps again at 00:48:624.
    Perhaps the map isn't fully hitsounded or you missed them? :p

    I'll stop there because I will end up repeating myself over and over again if not.
    Try to look out for more possible inconsistent NCs and overmapped triplets by yourself. :D
Thanks Sergio and Kei :D
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