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[GROUP STAGE] osu! Dual Cup

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What scoring method should we use?

Score v1
Score v2
Total votes: 1658
Polling ended April 20, 2016 at 6:02:09 AM UTC
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Welcome to the osu! Dual Cup

Twitch | Brackets | Spreadsheet | Discord

  1. This is a 2v2 tournament for osu! Standard
  2. The tournament will be held in Score v2
  3. Registration is international (no country restrictions)
  4. This will be a 64-team tournament.
  5. There is no rank limit, but the highest ranked teams will be chosen in case of over-registration to ensure competition. (For example we will take the top 32 ranked teams out of 40 registrations, or the top 64 teams out of 70 registrations)
  6. Your rank at registration is counted, not at sign-up closing. What you put is what you are when you are factored into seeding.
  7. The Discord server is the best way to receive information on this tournament. I HIGHLY recommend you join it.

  1. Players who sign up should be able to play maps with a difficulty of at least 4.7 stars.
  2. The schedule is listed in the spreadsheet. If your team cannot make your match, let us know and we can work something out.
  3. If your team does not inform us and do not arrive before 10 minutes after your scheduled time, you will receive an automatic loss.
  4. The game mode is Team Vs. and the method of scoring will be Score v2.
  5. When the two players are invited to the multiplayer lobby, they will each be able to pick a warm-up map. There will be no warm-ups in group stages.
  6. After warm-ups conclude, one player from each team will !roll. The lowest number bans first, and the highest number bans second and then picks the first map.
  7. Any disconnect will be counted as a loss for the map that is currently being played. If the player does not reconnect within 10 minutes, the team will receive an automatic loss for the set.
  8. If both players fail from a team, a point is awarded to the other team.
  9. Any toxicity, spam, profane warm-ups, or clear attempts to stall out the match will result in a warning followed by an automatic set loss.
  10. In group stages, players will only be allowed to pick the same mod one time per set, excluding NoMod.
  11. In FreeMod picks, at least one player from each team is required to use a mod.
  12. During the tiebreaker, mods ARE allowed to be used.

  1. Sign-Ups Close, Groups and Mappool Announced: April 30th
  2. Group Stages: May 7th/8th - [BO7]
  3. Ro32: May 14th/15th - [BO7]
  4. Ro16: May 21st/22nd - [BO9]
  5. Quarter-Finals: May 28th/29th - [BO9]
  6. Semi-Finals: June 4th/5th - [BO11]
  7. Finals: June 11th/12th - [BO11]
  8. Grand Finals: June 18th - [BO11]

This list contains all registered teams. The top 32/64 highest ranked will be chosen on April 29th. If your team is listed here, it does not mean participation is guaranteed until that date.

To sign up, use the following form:
[b]Team Name: [/b]
[img]Your Country’s Flag[/img][b]Player One[/b] - [i]Rank[/i]
[img]Your Country’s Flag[/img][b]Player Two[/b] - [i]Rank[/i]

[b]I understand that my team's combined rank is not higher than the current cut-off line listed in the thread in giant bold red letters two times.[/b]
All attempts to register without using this form will be denied.

Your team MUST have a combined rank under this number. All teams that do not meet the current requirement stated above will be ignored. The lowest 64 sums will be accepted.

To be announced!
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Your team MUST have a combined rank under this number. All teams that do not meet the current requirement stated above will be ignored. The lowest 64 sums will be accepted.


4/27/2016 - Registration for the tournament will close Friday, April 29th at 23:59 UTC. Registrations will not be accepted after that. Additionally, the tournament will be held in Score v2 due to most players being in support of it as well as so that lower ranked players teaming with double digit players don't get unfairly seeded and carried. Score v2 ensures maximum fairness for all.

4/6/2016 - For registration phase, the 64 teams with the lowest combined sum in rank will be accepted. This means a team of two rank 1000s will get in much easier than a team of a rank 10 and a rank 20000.

4/6/2016 - Unfortunately, we will not be allowing substitutes for your teams of 2. The schedules are very flexible. If you can't make your match any week from Friday to Tuesday, do not sign up.

4/6/2016 - We are expanding to 64 teams!
Hard Rock
Team Name: fLovers
Astar - 68
FlowR - 81
Hey from my modqueue.

Azer's Insane
00:16:500 (3,4) - this is pretty ugly -_-
01:22:350 (7,8,9) - This kinda overmapping for an insane diff. i think you should replace it with just one slider.
01:42:525 (4) - blanket this.
02:08:400 (1,2,3,4) - really different from what you mapped before in the first kiai, even though they sound identical.
02:17:100 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - you should add NC

cool map, hopefully you will finish it
thanks adore
Team Name: purpleFro
Airue - 140
Arceus - 2300
Hype! PogChamp
Team Name: Cinip012345
clp012345 - 38
Cinia Pacifica - 130
vote scorev1!
Team Name: GranDShake
GranDSenpai - 2201
Mshake22 - 101
Team Name: Ben's loli cafe
Warpyc - 3554
Makan1 - 6819
Team Name: It's Not What It Looks Like
MiruHong - 270
HaruHong - 1548
Team Name: Tokizei
Tokichii - 18
azei - 12,813
Team Name: skashadezz
skashiro - 374
Jaybladezz - 627
Shiny cani:
Shiny Gardevoir - 590
quattro cani - 470
Red_Pixel - 155
follon - 385
Team Name:Kurwa
Rafis - 2
Spanish Siesta
putojajexd - 2278
Syoru - 3166
Team Name: FlatBase
Syph - 680
Gumi Rin - 1397
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