Kuroneko's Queue [NM/M4M/Video] [10 slots]

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I'm not a skilled modder, so don't expect too much from me :P

Let's try to open again this queue.
This time will have some rule, but nothing heavy.

  • Rules
  1. Queue will be closed after 10th post.
  2. Mod4Mod will have highest priority.
  3. Please Mod4Mod if possible :roll:YMCK - Hateshinai Sekai (TV Size)
  4. Depending on mood or other, I could add some restrictions, so always read my last post.
  5. I can encoding video for osu! but you should provide me a link to HQ video. Any source accepted (Youtube, Direct Link, etc.).

Some additional things you may like to know (or not):
Will mod any kind of song with any length time.
You can request up to 3 maps per post (but you need to M4M the map in rules) and can post maps of other users.
I'll try to mod Approval, but do not expect nothing.
I don't know how to mod Taiko, Catch the Beat and Mania, so I'll skip the diffs (not the map itself).
Video Requests are not counted as slots.
No blacklist here.

Here you can request mod, mod4mod and video ;)

  • Q: Video request? What's this shit?
    A: Well, here you can ask to me to search and/or encode a video from an anime series to use in your beatmap if you are too lazy to search a video or don't know how to encode properly a video.
    Q: Oh nice, but what you want in exchange? :?
    A: Only 1 kudosu :D

    Q: I see a blacklist, what is it?
    A: It's a list of what I don't mod.

    Q: What's the meaning of "doesn't apply to mod4mod"?
    A: It means that if you do a mod4mod you can post even if there are 5 posts and get the highest priority.
    Q: Ok, what should I do?
    A: When you post to ask a mod, say that you've done a mod4mod.
    Q: So I shoud mod your map first?
    A: Yes, it's highly preferred.
    Q: Where I can get your maps?
    A: See my signature (you can mod even a beatmap where I've do a guest difficulty).

    Q: This is my first map/I have no map ranked, can I post here?
    A: Beginner mappers are welcomed ;) (but please ask someone to check timing before posting here) New

    Q: If I don't follow the rules below, will I be blacklisted?
    A: No, I'll just ignore your post.

Mod & mod4mod:
  • Queue
  1. 1 beatmap per post.
  2. Max 3 requests after my post (doesn't apply to mod4mod).
  3. If your map has many mod and stars I hardly can do something to improve it, so please don't post it.
  4. No star priority here.
  5. First come, first served (doesn't apply to mod4mod).
  6. You can post maps made from other users.

  1. No Approved or bubbled maps.
  2. I suck at find timing, so don't ask.
  3. If there are Taiko/Catch the Beat diffs I'll skip it.
  4. I mod every song that aren't in the blacklist, even if I don't like it :D

  1. ≤ 2 min ―> 6 diffs
  2. >2 min and < 3 min ―> It depends.
  3. ≥ 3 min ―> 4 diffs

  1. Nightcore
  2. Most of Vocaloid song (I'll mod only if I like the song)
  3. House Songs
  4. Self created song (like these: example 1, example 2)

Video Request:
  1. I search and encode only Anime video.
  2. If you use the video, kudosu me :P
  3. It take 3-4 days to search and download a video, so please be patient.

Ok, I've write too much >_>
This queue will be open until 23:59, 1st October 2012, GMT +1.

Since I'm pretty tired to see all these modding queues with tons of rules, I exceptionally re-open this old modding queue to let you get some mod easily ;)

But this time without rules 8-)
(ok, maybe these below can be called rules in some way, but really... if you like to see rules everywhere, just go to post in the other's queue :roll: )

In this queue you can request normal mod, Mod4Mod and Guest Difficulty.

Just some info:
  1. First come, first served (except for M4M, that will have highest priority, obviously).
  2. You can post more than one map, but in that case I'll mod only the first with the order priority. The other map you requested will modded with less priority (this to be more balanced).
  3. Please be kind and don't ask me to find timing :oops:
  4. I'm not MAT/BAT, so please don't post bubbled map lol
  5. Please mod my maps :P
  6. Remember that if my mod doesn't help you, you shouldn't give me kudosu.
  7. Oh, I almost forgot... don't try do be silly, 1 M4M = 1 highest priority mod
Hope you can mod this one. orz

USBduck - Keyboard Cat ZONE
Hi! Even with many stars, somebody can find anything disgusting in a map :D:

Thanks in advance ^^
Komeiji Yuki

Touhou's song

thanks for modding^^
I modded your map here ^^ (hopefully it's helpful ><)

Mod request:
Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma (+12)
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All done. This time I've done all the maps because of my error (I've put 5 maps instead of 3 as limit).

Next time I'll ignore all the map before the 3rd (except mod4mod obviously).
Many stars, but it's basically my first map, so yeah.

Thx ^_^
Edit: wow failure. i can't count sorry about that. don't mind this post
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All beatmaps modded.
please and thanks :D

Hope I get this right.

Thank you.

Thanks in advance....

btw: its techno not house :D
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Sorry lennox989, RE1359EBA and deadbeat but the queue limit is 3, so I skip your maps. Try again if you want.

Other maps are modded.
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