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Do you map? Do you plan to map?

I do not plan on mapping.
16.00% 149
I plan on mapping sometime in the future.
43.82% 408
I currently map actively.
35.12% 327
I no longer map.
5.05% 47
Total votes: 931
Polling ended 2016-04-26 00:58:53
Polling is over and can not be voted on anymore.
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I'm new but I don't really have any plans to do mapping
I try to map sometimes. Not very good at it, though.
Currently mapping more than playing.
mapping started as a fun thing when I was bored with playing but then became an interesting thing to follow and practice with
Started to map actively around a month ago. Currently trying to achieve my first ranked map which seems to be a hell of a hard achievement to get so far.
I map right now... but I map something, that some (actually all from cz & sk) people call "shitmaps"... C:
I chart a decent amount for osu!mania, albeit mainly stupid tournament warmups, but on occasion it's a serious thing.
I'd probably do it more-so if the editor wasn't to be so annoying to use, yet that's why I'm anticipating osu!next.

Trying to find willing playtesters is a pain, though, without trying to annoy people.
I map mostly for myself for fun, and because osu needs more video game songs :)
I'd also love to get them ranked but ranking is such a pain...
Mapping since 3 years ago
Had a break (no inspiration) 2 months ago, but I'm back now ^_^
I tried mapping, but I never submitted it. I've seen how some high-profile maps that I'd call absolutely flawless get unranked again and again, so as a complete newbie what chance do I ever have of getting something ranked? It's a complete waste of time, so I'm not sure if I actually want to map anything.
I stick to mapping strictly for o!m
don't really enjoy playing anymore but mapping has always been therapeutic for me and I enjoy mapping esoteric and just generally leftfield music
Thanks to everyone who participated!
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