Keyboard players : what's your keyboard ?

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Corsair strafe(MX reds) cheapest full sized corsair keyboard I can find in the store
Ayy Dashh
Best quality for money keyboard is probably the K70 Cherry MX Reds Non RGB
Ultimate Rubberdome keyboard
CM Storm quickfire TK with red switches

thread hi-jack: Why do most high-ranked players choose to buy the Corsair K70 over something like the Ducky shine? which is better in build quality
Probably because it's easier and cheaper to get. Corsair keyboards with Cherry MX Reds are one of the most common keyboards out there so that's expected. I personally dislike Corsair keyboards though.
Using an AKP-220B (Adesso 22-key keypad), with cherry MX blues. A mechanical keyboard seems way to be way too much for my low-budget. That's just the Life Of A University Student.
Ducky Shine 5 with Cherry MX Blues.

The A key's probably taking quite the beating when playing Osu! xD
A cheap, Sweex keyboard, it costed me 10 euros a few years ago. I am quite satisfied with it.
I Give Up
Play with Leopold FC210TP Cherry MX Reds. Do everything else on Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja Cherry MX Black. Sometimes play with Cherry MX Black.
Currently using Blackwidow chroma with Razer Green switches, and might buy a Corsair K70/Strafe as a back-up
If anything, a Corsair K65 would be decent. It has cherry mx reds, a palm rest, and the exclusion of a numberpad (helps me because i like having more space for my tablet or mouse)
a potato
Logitech K400 Plus Wireless

Am I the only one using this?
The Gambler
Build one
Ducky Shine II Pink-LED TKL MX Black
Corsair K70 MX Blue
heavy switches feel good, man
I have microsoft sidewinder x4

Becose it is no mechanical i dont understand ho can play mechanical keyboard!!
And fast push is very easy this keyboard i can play one finger 3-4 push burst!!!

Corsair K70 RapidFire (MX Speed switches)
Violet Link

a very sub-par keyboard, but it's comfortable for z/x-ing
Logitech G910 Orion Spark with Roamer G Switches. Honestly, for this game, I don't recommend it at all. The keys can be hard to press down if you're looking for speed, which this keyboard was NOT made for. But other than that, the keyboard is great.
Vortex Poker 3 (Cherry MX Blue)

While I'll be receiving my Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S (Cherry MX Brown) this January 12. Psyched.
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