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It's funny, but only if the cursor dance engine is improved from "just make the cursor go around in circles of radius a little under circle size while playing".
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I totally agree with this! It'd be neat if it was a submod of normal automod.

-[H13]- wrote:

I totally agree with this! It'd be neat if it was a submod of normal automod.
A submod, like Cinema mod, that's a good idea
Hey, this would be available in Autopilot too
I'll be honest about Dancing Pippi, I wouldn't support this idea unless someone codes a better dancing autoplay cursor, I mean, there's some of those talented guys that can make better dancing cursors
[ R i v e n ]
Hey That's Pretty Good
Princess Jish
Dancing Pippi!
-[H i K a R i]-
It is a great idea, three modes AutoPlay, Cinema and PippiDacing.
XD It would be perfect, Peppy realize our dream.

Um... Did I miss something last week...?
I found the joke funny since it was for a limited time tbh.
Well...not that I'm particularly against it...

@Fayne_Aldan there was a drunk pippi substituting the AutoPlay mod for the April Fools day. It was basically the usual Auto, just with the little addition that the curosr will always hit on the border of objects, circling like crazy.
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Not particularly against the idea, it is a fun gimmick, but it has no real use opposed to any other mod, as the cursor dancing is not even something really visually appealing.

From what it seems, April Fools is a day that gets a ridiculous things implemented and people requesting it afterwards (worked fine for Nightcore, at least)
Yeah please! \w/
It would be more fun if a password is used to enable the "Dancing Pippi"
  1. Maybe with Auto enabled in the Mod selection, type the words "dance" or "Dancing Pippi".
  2. When is enabled it may sound or mod icon moves or anything else.

Anyway, it would be pretty good and funny :D
I wish I had seen it, it sounds cool!
Would be great!
I think this is a good idea, but I assume it would have to replace Cinema mode, which I guess is fine with me.
Shirou Seekvira
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