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Dm1321 wrote:

I don't think it's uncommon to start thinking about other stuff in osu!, so instead I'll list my other habit :

I start tilting my head to the left the more I play. It's pretty noticeable. The harder the song, the more the tilt.
Same here; I've also developed a habit of flipping the bird (middle finger) on my monitor whenever I'm frustrated and miss a note/fail a song, in a way to release the stress.
George Lopez

Louis13 wrote:

I sometimes predict spinners in the middle of nowhere and spin
when i played with a mouse i used to always click for no reason during a spinner.
I cross my left leg on top of my chair when I'm about to FC sometimes.
the closer i lean to my screen the better my accuracy and speed becomes. sometimes by the end of the beatmap im less than 5 inches away from the screen
My fc-Rate and acc is much much better when i put a soda stream bottle under my chin and lean my head on it like this dude with his hand
I pretend I'm Legolas for 5 minutes every time I SS something
When I get nervous during a play, I blink a lot more, my tongue sticks out my mouth, I breathe a lot heavier and I shiver quite a bit. What am I even
E m i
nobody cares, but

sometimes i look away from my monitor and lose 200pp
I think about other things than osu! so I miss.
Idk why, but for some reason whenever I play oh-sue I can't stop sucking. :-(

Very bad habit will break very soon.
Whenever I get really focused, I tend to hunch my back and/or lean to one side. No wonder my chiropractor says I have a bad back :(
I can't play while hearing my keyboard's taps, it makes me suck. So I push the sound up whenever I play, hurting my ears.

SomeLoli wrote:

I pretend I'm Legolas for 5 minutes every time I SS something
Best habit ever.
I took a drink of Red Bull right before a song started, played the entire thing, then realized I didn't swallow until after the song was over. I literally sat there with Red Bull in my mouth through the entire play and had no idea.
i tend to squeeze the pen and hurt my thumb. :(
I stop playing serious everytime i do 1 miss/sliderbreak, even if i dont play for pp or if i play maps that are way to hard. Pretty annoying
I like to alternate my keys, and when they're not the same, I make an effort to even them out.
I often restart songs before the first note
I'm always blinding myself with intense hairflips
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