OMW #5 (2v2) [10k-40k] - finals

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:idea:Registration (CLOSED
) || mappols || Schedule || Challonge || Twich || prev tour :idea:

Welcome again :)
This time we gonna play 2vs2 with osu standard mode and V1 score
Tournament start on 16th April.

Mappol and shedule will relased when registration end.

color red - can't play on tour - too high or too low rank

1. OPS Team: CzokostareQ, Moreon, Eterrnaled
2. The Glory Days: dardanuyp, Jugacu, AceShot
3. PROpsy: Snajper, OskaRRRitoS, Skellen
4. Elucidator Naz G, -TobiKC, Le Shadow
5. Kawaii Squad NotSuhun, xephero, AlexDark69
6. HDHR Simonosis, StreaminDemon
7. Meowmix Gundoa, Naxos
8. HeavenNiko [ HeavenFall ], shironiko, [Takei Izumo]
9. Acid Squad NeoAxel58, Hashiek, Absolite
10. Team West Atlantic Hanik, -Sunshine-, Spritecup
11. Original Scrubs United LibriCerule, Mcbooger Duster, WatcherofTime
12. Team Emiru -Shiroi Akuma-, Tiroky, F1r3tar
13. Lolicon Power [-KuleK-], KacperDesu, [ -Gup- ]
14. 125hz RGB Wireless Laser Mouse Vio, V-O-N, blacky1234
15. ALGA OSUKZ, ALGA HRFL Qjawko, s u l t a n, NevelP
16. Team 420 HighlandHitman, Alphabet, vTec
17. No Waifu No Laifu -Element-, [Haruki-Sagae], -Shizuka-
18. The Jonquils legendarymudkip, Katsumi, Third
19. EasyPeasy Cedohran, Devilsknife, _Easy_
20. MoneyAmOverloaden Jeggah, S u s h i
21. Ohio Weebs triple_eggs, Radroch, 1Aryan
22. Andromeda Andressa, Droarid, Fixrnator
23. RELOADED Asonate, Halcryo, Reiskabuild
24. The Pulp Squirrels Oxalaia, Mari0nix
25. Poi POI poi HJULMUST, Ruri Gokou, Remember
26. Team Barbara D'Urso Manu028, Zeth234, _samu98_
27. Awantando el paco [Burno-], Karlaah-w-, polsn
28. Team Civière Atsuhito, Arrcival, Ninxed
29. WE GON' LOSE Connorboy1129, zshadowjon, 21maximax
30. Noob Fxckers Klein-, [ BRS ]
31. Brain Power (because "O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO" it's too long....) B0aty, Lick
32. Kitsune hrcis, komal92

This time be only winners signature for winners.
Additionally, best 3 teams will get access to osu!MASTERS league, when will be moneys prize (about this more informations comming soon on forum)

1. Tournament is designed for teams of 10-40k rank. (but you can go up to 9k when registration end - HOWEVER, 1 position more and DISQUALIFICATION this one person)
2. Cheaters, smurfs and offline accounts are strictly prohibited!
3. If you have questions, write on priv msg.
4. This a Double Elimination bracket (+group stage if be 32 teams), with loser bracket will be present. (if you don't know how working DE - google can help you)
5. WE PLAYED WITH FULL MAPPOLS (no mod, hr, hd, free mod, dt, tie-breaker)
6. matches be played on weekend, with every times (if you don't need time on mornings, evenings, nights etc that's not good, write on registration)
1. Mappols are going to be relased 4 times - once per each round (1st match is BO5,quarterfinals are BO7,semifinals are BO9 and finals are BO11)
2. Date of rounds and brackets will be released when the registration is closed
3. All matches will be played on GMT/UTC time (with team local times)
4. Me and tour mods will make rooms and invite players
5. No extra players are allowed in the room (only tour staff and team players)
6. Both teams may choose 1 Warm-up map each - SHORTER THAN 4 MINUTES
7. If team doesn't show up within 10 minutes of scheduled start time, opponent team wins 1-0
8. Only captains can ban or choose maps - if cpt. is offline then team must choose cpt for this round
9. :!: Both of the teams can ban 2 maps, but you can't use both of the bans on the same pool (For example 2 bans on DT)
10. Cpt with higher !roll will start the ban/pick Phase (warm up will be choosen randomly)
11. Team can change one player on each map (if need)
12. In case of tie (3-3,4-4 e.t.c) a Tie-Breaker map will be played (on free-mod - though players are not forced to have a mod active)
13. All rivals must play with mods from mappol (HR, HD, DT, No-mod, Free-Mod)
14. :!: While playing Free-Mod map, on each team at least one player must choose mod. But if on choosing team both players choose a mod each, then on the second team both players must choose two mods (but enemies can do one other thing - one player can choose double mod (for example hdhr), then the second player can play on free-mod)
15. :!: ON MATCH TEAMS CAN PICK ONLY PICK ONE MAP FROM THE SAME POOL IN A ROW (you can pick for example "hr->no-mod->hr" // but you can't pick "hr->hr->no-mod")
16. Respect opponent team
17. If a player has disconected, that player must show ss from game bug or lost connection (only if they disconnected before halfway through the map or when the winner was not chosen[close match-3/4 map]), then the teams will rematch
18. Staff have the last word about contentious situations
Tour hosts: przepson, NotSuhun
Refrees (can play on tour): przepson, NotSuhun, hrcis, Recu, mjozog3, Mjentas, AlexDark69, HiPat, RevRoadster
Mappols (can't play on tour): przepson, DevilGodPL, anonim player
Stream (can play on tour): comming soon
This seems interesting. If anyone need me on their team i'd like to join. HD/DT player.

Edit: I'm still looking for someone to play with. Anyone who can play HR?

Edit2: I found someone.
Is anyone interested in teaming up with me? I'm currently rank 10.5k, and from UTC - 4 so please make sure you are able to play before teaming up with me.

Oh, and also, i'm utter crap at HR, so if you can play HR, then that's even better ! :)

If you're interested, shoot me a pm on the website, or IG if you notice i'm online.

EDIT : Found a teammate.
Looking for teammate. Message in-game or through website if you're interested.
The registration says #4 instead of #5 btw

Viveliam wrote:

The registration says #4 instead of #5 btw
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Viveliam wrote:

The registration says #4 instead of #5 btw
I'm just epic weird person and sometimes do epic fails xD
#5 is correct xD
im 10-11k looking for team! pm
Yo :D
Stream will be up.
12k player looking for a team, pm me ingame if you interested to team up with me ;)
I'm looking for a teammate (I'm rank 14500)
If you're intrested feel free to send me a pm in osu or in the website2

EDIT: Found.
Team: Klein- and [ BRS ]

do we need to have a reserve player?
Team Name: Kitsune
Players: hrcis(leader) (27k), komal92 (19k)
Timezone: UTC +1

And i would like to be a refree if possible
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Klein- wrote:

Team: Klein- and [ BRS ]

do we need to have a reserve player?
No, not needed
15k Looking for teammate, pm me in game if you're interested :D

przepson wrote:

Klein- wrote:

Team: Klein- and [ BRS ]

do we need to have a reserve player?
No, not needed

Timezone: utc+9
Looking for reserve player to play the first week. Preferably also dutch or similar timezone. PM me ingame or on forum if you're interested
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Teams added on first post on forum.
Tomorrow we relase first mappol and shedule :)
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If someone want help with refreeing, write to me
About stream - still waiting for answer.... p-p
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