Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me

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Hitoshirenu Shourai
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, October 05, 2008 at 8:25:47 PM

Artist: Puddle of Mudd
Title: She Hates Me
BPM: 108.4
Filesize: 13673kb
Play Time: 03:03
Difficulties Available:
  1. Normal: TiZ (3.92 stars, 307 notes)
  2. Hard: Hito (4.06 stars, 312 notes)
  3. Hito Hates You (4.8 stars, 427 notes)
  4. TiZ Hates You (4.99 stars, 589 notes)

Download: Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me
Download: Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
I figured people have waited long enough for this. So, here it is! My co-op map with TiZ! CAN you FEEL the HATE!? >=3

And yeah, this has video. TiZ grabbed the video and stuck it in there. So rawr. BUT NO WORRIES! You shall still enjoy this anyways. YOU SHALL. O_O!

WARNING: Contains harsh language. This is the uncut version, obviously.

Edit: I reduced the drain and overall difficulty of my Hate version.
Edit: Changes the audio on all timing sections. Should sound a lot better (especially to Rolled)

EDIT: Removed both Easy modes + my Normal and TiZ's Hard to make this only 4 maps. So... yeah. =D!
Why not just split them up :| 2 of each difficulties seem very pointless to me, the one with the most points will end up getting played.

Either that, or just take one of each of your difficulties to form a 4 difficulty pack.
dont forget to share some for eiji j/k

i told them to mix both their versions before.
something like first stanza + last chorus = tiz and the other ones are for hito
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
I believe it was Saturos that said it'd be neat for it to be an 8-difficulty map. Someone said it at least, because we were discussing how we'd do it and we decided to just go ahead with a difficulty of each from both of us. And thus, 8 difficulties. Rawr. Stuff. Yeah.

Regardless, all of it is different, so there shouldn't be any real problems here. >_>

TiZ! Give some input too, they needa hear your side of the story as well.
Yeah, it was me. I thought it'd be lulzy since that was at the time I was modding the entire beforu pack 2.

I must remember to mod this when I get home.
having 8 difficulties is something like having 2 versions of deja vu but different creator
anyways i dont really care much
IMO, the two of us seem to go for different styles of difficulty. Hito's maps are very very tricky, and mine are more straightforward but stream-ridden. The one with the highest score is my hate difficulty. But no one's going to just ignore all the others; It's not like every single osu member is capable of beating it. I know I sure as hell can't.

I'm not sure if we can merge our maps now, or if it would come out well. But if anyone has any better ideas on how to handle this, let 'em at us.
thats the point. tricky map + straightforward = fun and balanced
Agent BA8 Rookbie
Well, I've tried a few of the maps, and I have to say, they're fun! Great work on them. I've only tried 2 of them, but the two I tried were rather fun. The beatspacing on Hito's Hard though, AAAAALL over the place.
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
THe spacing is actually consistent if you look in the editor. =/
Agent BA8 Rookbie
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
So where do we stand with this? What needs to be done?
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
I think people are staying away from this because it has 8 modes, especially mods. So, here's what I suggest: For Easy/Normal/Hard, we should have people select which one they like better, and the other version gets left out. For Hate mode, though, both shall stay. =o

Whatcha think, peoples? =D
That works for me.
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
So yeah, peoples, we need YOU to decide! That, or TiZ and I can just discuss it amongst ourselves to see. Personally I'd like to go with 5 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and both Hate versions. >_>
This is my two cents on both insane versions:

They are both well done, as far as mapping goes. They are both unique. Tiz, yours has deathstreams but a forgiving drain to make up for them. Hito, yours is overall easier (or less likely to miss, anyway, with less notes) with a bit more harsh drain. Both of your drain rates suit well.

Tiz, your circles took a bit to get used to but i managed to pass it before hitos anyway (afkd after hito's last spinner and died on the second to last note -_-) I say let them stay that size.

But I would change the sound volume on both of yours. Both of them are at 100% in song setup, but in the timing panel tiz's are at 50%. I like how tiz's sounds during the quieter parts of the song, but when it comes to the chorus and other loud parts i like how 100% (hito's) sound. Do some mix matching pls :)

I don't really have any problem with how either of them were mapped, except hito your spinners can die. But I love them, though <3.

I do not want to overplay this song :P Maybe I can mod hard later and work my way down.

Is this starred? If not, it can has star.
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
Update: Customized the audio, like suggested. Still need to figure out which difficulties have to die, though.
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
TiZ and I have decided to shoot for "Approved" since getting rid of difficulties we worked hard for would be a pain. >_>
Since the big issue is the amount of difficulties, it seems like this may be a good map to recieve an Approved rating. That way we don't need to worry about which difficulties will count for ranked score, since none of them will.

Any thoughts on this idea?
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