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I've been looking around some of the forum posts and often I see terms like "kick sliders," "stream," "jump," etc. I have no clue what these mean other than kick sliders involving a slider somehow. I couldn't find this info anywhere else hence this post.

So, what other terms are there and what do they all mean?

Edit: Nevermind the question, someone reminded me of the wiki that I completely forgot about
lurk moar
Read osu! wiki.
For some reason I didn't think to check the wiki...and it never showed up in google because I kinda forgot glossary was a word and kept searching for terminology or terms...

Thanks though KupcaH!
doesnt matter because play more
the wiki may not even say that stuff

Kick sliders are very short sliders where you typically dont have time to follow the slider through but the way the sliderball mechanic works you dont need to follow the slider to the end, so you basically just treat it as a normal circle but you keep your cursor over them a split second longer to make sure you dont get a 100. You wont find any of these at your level. Examples of these are: https://youtu.be/lrQz-0GZ9Ss?t=24s most of the sliders in this map

Streams are typically quarter beats where you have to alternate, they are called streams because the notes typically overlap to an extent that makes it look like a river (sorta) Examples: Basically everything in that youtube video that isnt a kickslider xD

Jumps are "hard to reach notes" due to the distance between the 2 circles, so you have to "jump" to reach them. Calling something a jump is relative to ones skill level, for instance something that has a big distance between notes for you may be considered a jump, but it definitely wouldnt be for me. Examples are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqt1Azl ... eseWasHere

Other terms you may come across: Tv size = ~1:30 maps, split streams = streams when the notes no longer touch.

Other stuff you should be able to find in the wiki
Why did no one explain it to me that clearly when i just started? :(
better late than never :^)
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