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DJ Yoshitaka VS S.S.D. - Claiomh Solais

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Pretty COOOL~
Why hasn't anyone pointed this out..


Faust wrote:

Why hasn't anyone pointed this out..


This. <-- correct artist should be DJ YOSHITAKA vs S.S.D
I'd suggest not using different shades of the same color on hitbursts, it gets confusing to see the difference between 100s and 300s in midplay.
Also that spinner bg My eyes X_X
Spinner circle IS TOO TRANSLUCENT, and it also doesnt have a dot at the center to spin at
[Nazi] Is the sliderball supposed to be going off one side off the sldier track? ?

[wmf's Taiko]
Hitsound volume is too low i'd recommend using Normal sampleset and adjust the volume from there.
01:01:333 (1) - I'd suggest making this spinner longer, otherwise i dont even see any point for the spinner to be there

00:17:788 (2,3) - Unrankable! Can't tell which one's the slider unless the player has sneaking sliders
00:40:152 - Music hasnt changed why did slider speed go back up?
00:48:515 (4) - Note touching the hp bar, it's an ugly overlap.
01:03:788 (7) - Slider body cant be seen clearly due to hitburst

00:14:697 (1) - Note's approach circle is almost invisible because of the spinner background not having finished fading out
00:37:970 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - I cant even hear the hitnormals of these notes, same for repeated part at the end.
01:30:333 (1) - Sliderbody cant be seen due to both hitbursts!

Kiai is unsnapped!
01:05:606 (1,2,3,4,5) - I cant hear these notes at all but: 01:08:515 (1,2,3,4,5,etc) These ones are fine, music hasnt changed at all, why?
End the last kiai?

[impossiblexu's Easy]
01:36:151 (3) - Might be too much for new players since these sliders feel slower.
01:49:242 (1) - Silence this spinner? or do a decrescendo?

I wonder how did this get bubbled in the first place, but i do know this map needs more mods =/
Edit: Fixing to bubble pop icon
Get back to either sakura or myself for a repair for this bubble do not ask kioukiou for a rebubble.
Quick random mod while not bubbled?

- Put these in your tags TROOPERS, iidx15

- I think AR8 is better for this game... OTL... AR9 fits really fast songs like 190 BPM+... with AR9 on low BPM song it makes the players feel rushed in the song.. uncomfortably... OTL

- 01:46:333 (1,2,3) - I don't think this part sounds good soft.. This part of the song is very strong and i think normal would sound better!
- 01:47:788 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - I don't think this rhytmn is that good.. when I play the song I don't feel this at all, mainly the 2nd notes like 01:47:970 (2), 01:48:515 (4), 01:49:061 (6). I think it sounds better if you do it like the screen shot below. It's also this way in Another and makes sense >w<.

- 01:47:788 (1,2,3,4) - If you do the above, take off finished on 1,2,3. Keep finish on 4.
aw, such good map got graved
Ibuki Suika

Natteke wrote:

aw, such good map got graved
. :(
need ranked ~_~
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