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Well for the first time I actually looked in detail the Download page where you get the game and saw there are two useful tutorials. I think there could be some tips too about what beatmaps to download (for new players, meaning it'd be good to put some links there about the easy packs) since in the second tutorial you just learn how to download and import a map. But there's a problem, if someone starts playing and doesn't really have any friend to guide him, normally he'd download only songs he or she likes, and it's possible this new player could end downloading beatmaps without easy/medium difficulties that he or she can play. Actually, when I just got started, I was somewhat frustrated since I couldn't really play any of the maps I downloaded because some of them just didn't have any diff that could suit me, thanks to my friend who introduced me into this game, I got some maps I could play and enjoy, but if it wasn't for that, I don't know how things could've ended. My point is that it'd be nice to add something like what's in the FAQ on the main download page:

The maps are too hard! Where can I find some easier maps?
Pokebis has compiled a set of beatmaps suitable for beginners to play. You can find them here.

Alternatively, you can sort the ranked beatmap list by difficulty. The easiest maps are at the top of the list.
Of course, this is already on the FAQ, but as we all know, most people don't tend to read any FAQ that is longer than 5 or 6 lines (as I didn't do when I started playing xd), guess just putting that point on the main download page making it easily visible could be a good help for new players, since that point is somewhat on the bottom of one particular section of the FAQ. And yeah, you can sort beatmaps by difficulty, but I think it's better to give everything in a really easy and simple way to newcomers so they don't have any problem while starting. : >
All reasonably recent maps, and most from before, have diffs new players can play.

A link to the Easy Series pack could be nice though.
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