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Standard Only!

Expected Mod Wait Time:4 days a normal mod > m4m gets priority when I come online > Do not expect GD's to be updated the next day. . Sorry everyone.(Maintaining my Straight A's in schools is quite challenging being a top school)

I like mapping, it adds another reason to continue playing this game for a little bit longer.
I cant mod anything below 2 stars, I cant find any issues at all.

Mod 4 Mod (rules):
+ Any map is welcomed but I would prefer that you kept the map around 1-2 minutes.Under 5 minutes is good enough
+ I'll mod any amount of your difficulties but you should mod that same amount for mine! (I end up doing the whole thing cause I have nothing else to do anyways)
+ Please take it into an accountable that I am new to this and I am just learning how to map appropriately and mod appropriately, any feedback is highly welcomed!
+ BPM is not a problem at all, just request!
Maps: (aiming for rank!)
Elemental Creation

Normal Mod (rules):
+ Can mod all difficulties 2* up
+ Length of the map MUST be shorter than 4 minutes.
+ BPM is not a problem at all, just request!
+ I only accept 3 posts at a time, school is stressful at times so do not expect me to finish right away!
+ Do not request if the queue is closed!

Guest Difficulties (rules):
+ I frankly preferred if you kept the map below 5 minutes, I am a very slow mapper!
+ Make sure to label your suggested star difficulty.
+ Any BPM is accepted
+ For the time being, I will only accept 2 GD's in each wave.
+ GD's might take some time, give me around a week to map a difficulty!

Note: If I do make a mistake, be sure to correct me. New mappers cant learn if there are no lists to be corrected.

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3 Normal Mods
and 2 GDs!
Hello! NM request

Welcome and gluck with the new queue c:
Hi! NM Request

Don't mod Lunatic, it is being remapped :D

TY in advance <3
Hi there!
NM request

thank you :)
Hey there.

I'd like a normal mod for, pretty short and slow TV size.

NM request:

mod any diffs you want... thanks in advance <3
Hey, NM Request here please...
NM Request here please
Thanks !
Finally a fresh queue

nm pls

NM Request here please

Hey NM req ! Thanks in advance !
NM request. thanks

but the drain time is 4:17
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Little bit way 2 much but CLOSE~
Ill get all of them done this week (spring break) 8-)8-) (try got a ton of school work...)
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