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I'm not sure if I should post this in the "Help" tab because it looks more like the place for bugs and filing sorta stuff, so I just want somebodies opinion on this.

I'm a solid 3-4 star map player of 4 key mania as of now, and when I would download all of my favorite songs they're all just 7 key maps.

So I go to learn how to do 7 keys and I set my keys across as

I set them like that because I saw some wicked mania player called ICries have his keys set like that and now it seems more natural.
But getting into high 2 star 7 key maps I notice some notes are hard to hit because my fingers aren't really that flexible to substitute other fingers that are currently playing a note.

So I go back to normal set-up, where the space bar is used but my brain is wired to the SDFGHJK keys I have set.

Does anyone have recommendations as to how I should set up my keys? Stay the same or use default? (Or something else?)

Any feeback is appreciated. :)
Why didn't you post it to the place that said OSU MANIA
Perhaps he is mentally incapacitated.
q w e space i o p

Kasket007 wrote:

but my brain is wired to the SDFGHJK keys I have set.

Mr Color wrote:

q w e space i o p
unless you are a girl or a low-testosterone beta with small hands
Some people do the 3 1 3 and others 4 3 or 3 4
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