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As you can see from the screen shot, the client shows the *diff of that song to be a rounded number of 4. The actual rating of the song is 4,00. Not going to explain to younger kids here what is the difference between 4 and 4,00 but there is, you will learn it in more advanced math classes in school. With same logic now that we have decimals for other ratings aswell (CS, AR, OD and HP) they should have exact values shown as well (example 6,0) although that does not hurt my eyes as much because when I joined this game there were no ratings of those things in 1 decimal accuracy, for diff ratings there has always been.
I agree
It feels weird that it all "misaligns" when clicking a different map (one which has x,x0 or x,00)
Also why are those values using a comma and not a period? @_@

abraker wrote:

Also why are those values using a comma and not a period? @_@
They use whatever decimal symbol you told your OS to use. It's a period for me.
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