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NM please 'ㅅ'
Link: t/449235
Title: Joker
Artist: D.J.Nero
Genre: Instrumental
Length: 02:09
Difficulties to mod: Trap Card diff is priority
Language: 한국어
NM pls
Link: t/431461
Title: sushi & peace
Artist: Camellia ft Nanahira
Genre: Japanese Video Games
Length: 1:49
Language: English
Source: sdvx ii
Lyrics Language: japanese
Modder: Another modder except Raveille
Notes: need rough mods...

thank you
Oops nvm
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Welp, 1 extra day of NM gives this many requests...
Wow, all these mod requests. Give us some time to look through them (or rather, RedBall and Minseo2000) XDDD
I modded two maps because my first mod, the one on Banana Qiu - Yi Da Dui De Xiang Jiao feat. MC Qiu Yi, was kinda short.
Wasn't sure if you wanted me to mod first but I did it anyway, since it's standard

Anyway, the links to the posts are here:

Link: p/5067218
Title: World's End, Girl's Rondo
Artist: Wakeshima Kanon
Genre: Anisong I don't actually know, sorry ._.
Length: 1:27 (1:21 drain)
Difficulties to mod: Easy, Normal, Easy (Extra)
Language: English

Lyrics Language: Japanese
Modder: Minseo, please - unless someone else secretly mods 6K :)
Notes: There are very little mods on both difficulties, none on Easy and one on Normal, and I'm new to mapping - so you'll probably find heaps of stuff to correct even if they're both easy difficulties.
Easy (Extra) is a weird difficulty that is mapped on the vocals. Tell me if you think it should be deleted.
Ignore the Hard difficulty.
The title is supposed to be "world's end, girl's rondo" but I'll change that later


Thanks for the mod :)
yo hey... i'm back... PM me later pls... need somethin to ask later

Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/448541
Title: Flower REDALiCE Remix
Artist: REDALiCE
Genre: Video game
Length: 01:59
Difficulties to mod: EXHAUST>INFINITE (mind for GRAVITY?)
Language: English
Source: SDVX

Map to Mod (M4M): gimme the Guriri Rolls http://puu.sh/p4BBR/2b1a66d80f.jpg r.i.p no piano hitsound
Notes: i want to rank my map pls... I've learned alot from Puxtu and Seiryuu... r.i.p my shoushitsu sry
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Small Announcement

Due to sudden real life issues for RedBall, some mods requests from last week have not been completed yet.
But do not worry, we will try to complete any remaining accepted requests from last week within this week, as well as the new requests for this week.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hi there

may i request here ?

Link: t/419157&start=0
Title: Meriang (Speed Up Ver.)
Artist: Cita Citata
Genre: probably electronic (?)
Length: 1:23 (1:12 drain)
Difficulties to mod : Easy, Normal, Zan's Hard, Zan's Maximum (but prefer Hard and Maximum)
Language: English

hope you will accept this, thank you :)
hi! new song here!

4K NM Request

Link: t/449361
Title: Realistic
Artist: MICHI
Genre: j-pop, anime
Length: 1:29 (1:28 drain)
Difficulties to mod: Really · Easy, Really · Normal, Really · Hard, Really · Stick
Language: English

4k NM requesttttt~

Link: t/458625
Title: colorful (asterisk dnb remix)
Artist: Sawai Miku
Genre: j-pop , anime , dnb remix
Length: 4.49
Difficulties to mod: "Megumi" MX
Language: English u.u

thanks b4 :3
Topic Starter

Whew only 3 requests this week.
I guess we can finish up last week's requests more easily.

Edit:Hooray to 111 posts!!!
Topic Starter

Due to certain circumstances, the RRM team will be taking a break for 2 weeks.

See you all on June 16!
Enjoy your time off :)
NM pls

Link: t/453861
Title: Light It Up
Artist: Camellia
Genre: Dubstep
Length: 05:41
Difficulties to mod/GD: Lightning
Language: English

Hiranaka wrote:

NM pls

Link: t/453861
Title: Light It Up
Artist: Camellia
Genre: Dubstep
Length: 05:41
Difficulties to mod/GD: Lightning
Language: English
Sorry but we are closed for 2 weeks. Stay updated on our completion of the RRM Pack though, link on my profile page!
NM Request :3

click here

thanks :D
Hello ^_^

I came for a NM.
Truxton - Bitch Clap(4k) -----or----- Imagine Dragons - Warriors(4k too lol)

Pick one :p :D
Hello once again!
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/464020
Title: Great Fairy's Fountain
Artist: Kondo Koji
Genre: don't know, maybe instrumental :x
Length: 0:53 (0:52 drain)
Difficulties to mod: All three, if you can
Language: English
Topic Starter
The queue is closed for two weeks...

edit : Apparently, I was dumb enough to not change the title last week and left it as is for a whole week. I apologize about any confusion caused by this...
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