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How r my mods x d

they suck
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ginkiha - nightfall
Essay: Period Blood. sukiNathan was in the bathroom and he wanted to fart a bubble to turn my map into a shitmap (literally!). Also what Naitoshi wrote. Also i'm just looking for a check Cx

It's a fun map going forward for rank
Soutaisei VISION.
5.30* and 5.66*.
1:35. 1:38.
all diffs but Relativity is pretty much my priority.

I really love nao. Like, a lot. Like, a whole lot. You have no idea. I love her so much that it is inexplicable, and I'm ninety-nine percent sure that I have an unhealthy obsession. I will never get tired of listening that sweet, angelic voice of hers. It is my life goal to meet up her with her in real life and just say hello to her. I fall asleep at night dreaming of her holding a personal concert for me, and then she would be sorry tired that she comes and cuddles up to me while we sleep together. If I could just hold her hand for a brief moment, I could die happy. If given the opportunity, I would lightly nibble on her ear just to hear what kind of sweet moans she would let out. Then, I would hug her while she clings to my body hoping that I would stop, but I only continue as she moans louder and louder. I would give up almost anything just for her to look in my general direction. No matter what I do, I am constantly thinking of her. When I wake up, she is the first thing on my mind. When I go to school, I can only focus on her. When I go come home, I go on the computer so that I can listen to her beautiful voice. When I go to sleep, I dream of her and I living a happy life together. She is my pride, passion, and joy. If she were to call me "Onii-chan," I would probably get diabetes from her sweetness and die. I wish for nothing but her happiness. If it were for her, I would give my life without any second thoughts. Without her, my life would serve no purpose. I really love nao.

because as an up and coming mapper with aspirations of foraying into the community i could really use help from the more experienced people.
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wtf is going on??
dunno :p

Kibbleru wrote:

wtf is going on??
Absolute soul is happening
es ist nur ein streich bro

Free Hong Kong
little naitoshi BOOGER BOY hanzo ult discord
holy chance of getting mod is only 0,322% why did i even bother posting huh

ok i did it LUL
not sure if it's still open but ill try =w=
  2. Number of diffs : 1
  3. highest star rating : 5.05*
  4. drain time: 5:08 (5:01 drain)
  5. diff : My First Love
  6. essay : well it's my new style of mapping, i want to know if ppl like it or not xd
mein kampf
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-[ Asuna ]-
Post your map title with URL link : YUI - again
Post the number of diffs : 6
Post the star rating of the highest 2 (or 1 if it's a marathon) diffs : 4.07* and 3.97*
Post the drain time AND total length : 1:26 (1:25)
Post which diffs you want me to mod : all :^)
Write a short essay on why I should mod your map : lieks teh snog so mchu and hte rnaekd one ish 2009 mpsate, i wnta to maek new stley nad it hsa bene too logn in pndenig so i tihnk its radye fro rnka, so i ndee mdo form teh btse ctb mpaper

  1. Title: Hyouri Ittai
  2. link:
  3. 1 diff
  4. SR 5.28
  5. 5:34 (4:59 drain)

    Huh, you should mod my map because it's from 2015 and I don't have a ranked map yet D: However hope you get a look at it. Thanks!
Free Hong Kong
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Reading :d
2x bubbled lol
  1. toby fox - mus_star
  2. the number of diffs : 3
  3. Post the star rating of the highest 2 (or 1 if it's a marathon) diffs : 1.92 and 1.07
  4. Post the drain time AND total length : 0:41 (0:41 drain)
  5. Post which diffs you want me to mod : diff_normal, diff_star
  6. Write a short essay on why I should mod your map : oh no i have to write an essay
    since i want to rank a map, so you should mod my map. (is this essay)

thank you
Post your map title with URL link : Porno Graffitti - THE DAY
Post the number of diffs : 6
Post the star rating of the highest 2 (or 1 if it's a marathon) diffs : Plus Ultra: 5.75* Ezreal's Extra: 5.37*
Post the drain time AND total length: 1:28 (1:27 drain)
Post which diffs you want me to mod : Plus Ultra, Extra, Insane, Hard and Normal
Write a short essay on why I should mod your map: ._ . making me write essays in summer.....Trying to rank a map for the first time, just trying to be one of the cool fellas innih
  1. Mili - Utopiosphere
  2. 4 diffs
  3. 4.29* and 5.21*
  4. drain: 1:55 total: 2:07
  5. want a mod on Insane and Fantasia diff

[Why you should mod my map]

How do we make a choice, is a question that that is rarely ask. If you ask varying people with different background, either cultural or historical background. people will give you different answers, this applies to people in ! and today I'm going to explore that question which would lead to why you should mod my map.
First we need to define what is choice, unfortunately there was never definite answer, dictionary is just what majority of the people think the word means, the means of arriving the choice can change the fundemental definition of choice. But for simplicity sake I'm going to narrow down the definition to the process of eliminating different possibilities. as of right now you're given countless possibilities to choose from, and those possibilities are essentially the maps that you're going to mod.
Through the use of our brain we can deduce that writing this essay is really draining, and if you are actually reading this right now might need to see a doctor or something. Non the less the choices we make depend on our social and cultural background, people born in China are more inclined to mod chinese mappers or mappers that struggle with the english speaking community, as of right now I have a UK flag, so considering you have a canadian flag there shouldn't be a problem with communication, therefore you would be more comfortable to mod english speaking mappers and not choose minority of the asian mapper (before calling me racist I am asian myself), despite that langauge is a man made element that we introduced to our society and anything could be lost in interpretation, so this might only be a minor factor in your choice.
so it might come down to the actual quality of the map, but what is quality? Quality is a very subjective topic as said before the things that appeal to people varies greatly depending on their background. Given the majority of the community believe in "play more", playability would be a major concern to quality, thankfully my map despite being edgy, it's pleasantly complements the music nicely imo, it makes for a challenging map while being relatively easy to interpret the song in terms of the map. before I move on I want to ask if you're actually still reading this cause I am really concern if you actually read this far, either way I'm gonna do a summary here just to relieve you from this essay: it's edgy, structured and fun to play.
Secondly, aesthetics. since you're more of a freestyle mapper it might be harder for me to make an appealing map to you as it's a more strucutred kind of map as I utilize hexagrids and pentagons to construct my map, as some people describe it as the birth child of monstrata and hollow wings, be it it looks nothing and plays nothing like those two mapper's maps, non the less I manage to find a balance between freestyle and structure which might appeal to you .
in conclusion, despite what I said earlier the map is a piece of shit that people will rank it either way given enough time, so basically I'm just gonna leave a wall of text right here so you think I actually put effort in my mapping and in actuality the map is another copy and past 176 bpm map with twist in flow and spacing. Mod it if that appeals you. the stuff that is written after this is the conclusion to my theory of knowledge essay that I wrote 2 years ago enjoy, we can say the neutral question can occur when we are at a state where we have no prior knowledge due to limited information gained from varying ways of knowing, or when we are at a state where we are attempting to create or discover new knowledge, where different ways of knowing has yet to be consistent with each other. But what is the significance to a neutral question or a non-neutral question? What if there is no such thing as a neutral question? I think at the stage where there is no such thing as a neutral question, is the stage where everything single phenomenon would only have a single interpretation, which we would refer it as the theory of everything; it is also the time where questions would not be required, since we know everything. So despite neutrality is something that we would consider being a virtue, being non-neutral is the key to absolute knowledge when we are in the pursuit for knowledge. I'm honestly not expecting a mod at this point since there's no way you'll actually read through the whole thing
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