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What's your opinion on Score V2?

I don't like it; the current PP system is fine as it is.
I think it should be modified before it's released (post how you think it should be changed below)
I like it; it should be implemented how it is now.
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The only thing i dislike is the slider thing ---
Have both scoring systems in the game. Keep the old one there so everyone doesn't lose their scores and places on the leaderboards, but put the new one in as well, and have those scores go to a separate leaderboard.

If converting scores isn't possible then that ^ seems like a good option to me.
Gasoline Demon
I like the new system of the v2 ranking but it could because it makes it easier to gauge my consistancy on certain maps, I haven't really seen how it affects gameplay, the only I see is having the transition between the old ranking system to put in this new one, other than that though I have no objections against it
Finally got around to messing around with V2 a little bit. Overall I like the move to a more accuracy based system (this is a rhythm game after all), but the added accuracy to the sliders is a bit much. There is a point where you just have to be too precise and certain slider streams become way to difficult . As a lower level player the slider accuracy just feels kind of punishing to play with rather than just increasing the difficulty. Osu! is already a punishing game and one of the harder rhythm games out there in my opinion and the sliders just take it from pleasurably masochistic to unreasonably difficult especially for a less skilled player. Also being able to convert the old scores is a must. If I lost all or most of my scores, I'm not sure how much I would continue to play. I know I'm only a casual to slightly more than casual player, but I already play a bunch of different rhythm games and having to redo my scores feels like a major waste of time.
I don't understand this. The score cap is 1 Million. Okay.
How does it apply to spinners? You can get better score if you spin faster, even on SS grade.
How would it work on rankings? Great players can make some songs 100% with all the mods enabled, will we see tons of ex aequo million scores in rankings?
The way the game counts the score doesn't matter to me, but capping points is just ridiculous.
1mil is no mod cap.
If the Normalized Cap is 1 Million. Then every Marathon map that is too hard to beat with mods will have a Cap of 1 Million. You'd have to use a mod if you wanted a higher score than 1 Million which isn't possible in some cases.
1 mil is no mod SS, without spinners.
The Score V2 Takes away a large amount of points for ANY mistakes you make, including 100s. That's stupid for anyone who misses by a little fraction of a second. I also noticed with the Auto on, the Score V2 always gets a very tiny score. On Songs where even I would get 2 million or so, it will get 200,000 or somewhere in the area.
Also, 300s can equal anywhere from 300 to 655 as far as I've seen (That's the highest and lowest I could get with it)
For 100s, it can go down to 12, the Highest I've had one is 100, but that was the first note of the song, after that, it takes points away.
For 50s, it just takes points.
Then Xs take the most points away.
Basically, if you're not perfect, your scores are going to be terrible, and if you Are perfect, your scores will still be terrible
Assuming current system doesn't punish you for late game and misses in any part?

How about not judging a play with only pure by score? With score cap, you can see how far off you are from the max score. The score will be terrible if the player plays terribly, the score won't be terrible if everyone else in the scoreboard is also terrible. Don't even start comparing scores between maps because that's retarded.
I don't see any real drawback from score cap.
I love Score V2, only thing I don't agree on is the score cap.I like to watch the score number rise. But it's not a huge deal either way.

Gimme score V2!
Officer Baitlyn

B1rd wrote:

Seems a lot of people share my opinion. If score v2 replaced our current system, I'd consider quitting too. After all, 1000 hours of play down the drain once score is obsolete.
I dont think so.
Those thousand hours gave you the ability to climb the ranks. Flushing Ranks while keeping the system similar enough to the old one ( which v2 is ) shouldnt change much to your ability to gain the same rank as before.
anyways thats my opinion on the topic I myself dont think that this change is necessary though i wouldnt see a problem in my rank beeing reset since anyone should be able to reclaim their old one.
I say that it seems a little too late to change the scoring system. It would've made more sense to change the system 2 years in while the community was still small instead of 10 years when the community had over 10 million users. The scoring system has flaws but where score v2 fixes the flaws other flaws spring uplike the slider leniency. I enjoy the slider leniency a lot of other people agree because they've used the system for quite a while and score v2 is pretty much osu! stream and when I tried it the sliders felt too strict. In conclusion if they do change it the older players will have to shift a lot to keep up with the change and in turn losing a lot of players in the process.
As a person who decided to clear all ranked maps in osu to check how much score you can get from the beginning, the change in score is quite sad to me.
ScoreV2 on ctb=i quit
omg pls don't gooo ;(
If it is implemented then please change the awkward sliderends beforehand. It destroys the feeling of most maps, and it isnt as easy to play anymore, exspecially with sliderstreams and kicksliders in general
I love that sliders need to be hit more accurate because it feel way more like a rhythm game in my opinion, although however i don't think the score system needs to be changed and I also don't the fact that you can loose score for getting 50s (or 100s i'm not sure)

I would like to stay with scorev2 for tournaments(team vs team not 1 vs 1) only because it seems to requiere all the team to play well, not only a good player having high combo.

sorry if i can't explain very well I need more English vocabulary
There should be another option to choose from: score v2 needs changing, and current pp system is flawed as all hell and neighbourhood
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