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Hey, I've been playing Osu a couple of days now and I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I can FC most 2/2.5 star maps first time now and can rank S on most easy maps with mods. Maps around 3 star are a little harder for me, and I usually only get S/A ranks after a few attempts. I'm fine with maps which have a lot of hit-circles (such as, but I'm having a very hard time with maps that chain a lot of sliders together. I just can't seem to get to the next one in time, or I mis-time them horribly.

For information I'm using around 1000 dpi with 7/11 windows and 1.0 in game. I'm clicking with Z (Should I be using Z & X? Or only for streams?). I'm using Windowed 1280x720 on a laptop. Do these settings seem OK or would I benefit from changing my sens?

Any help with chaining sliders would be nice though, maybe some maps which could ease me into them? It seems a huge jump from 2.5-3 stars to 3-3.5 with regards to sliders. Thanks!
The more you play the better you get. Your proficiency with sliders will get better as you play more maps with them. Other people can probably give you more detailed advice.

As for using z or x or both or whatever for clicking, that is all up to you. Some people prefer to use a single button unless they absolutely have to alternate, others don't. Personally I used to use my middle finger on z for most notes unless there were streams or slider chains, for which I would alternate. I alternate pretty much full time now and greatly prefer it. Experiment and you will find what works for you. The same thing goes for the game settings or dpi you use for the most part too.
There's no secret just play more, you'll develop stuff like hand eye coordination and timing as you go along, no need to stress just enjoy the game
slide more

you're moving from easy to normal, which means you're gonna see big differences in patterns and mapping style. just get used to it, play more(tm)
play more
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