SMT Monthly #4: April [Winners: 5DP + Xianyu]

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4v4 tournament, 16 teams max per bracket.
Need more commentators, click here to sign up for staff!

1st: Xianyu
2nd: Lia - Bravely Ju
3rd: Team POW

1st: 5 Digit Players
2nd: Boosted Baguette
3rd: Squi

2016.3.1: Tournament posted, sign-ups open.
2016.3.29: Sign-ups close, week 1 schedule and map pool released.
2016.4.5: week 2 schedule and map pool released.
2016.4.12: week 3 schedule and map pool released.
2016.4.19: week 4 schedule and map pool released.
Staff sign up form!
All help is welcomed and appreciated!

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Warning: some rules have changed!
Rank leeway is being removed for April and following tournaments.
Players outside their bracket's rank range will be removed, no questions asked.

One forfeit will now lead to a one month suspension. Two forfeits will still lead to a three month suspension.

Pick timer will be added to ensure games are played in a reasonable amount of time. If a team fails to pick a map in three minutes, their opponent will then pick the map. Normal pick rotation will continue afterwards.

3v3s will not be allowed in week 3!
Looking for team 10k-50k im rank 10,937
noob player look for team 1k-10k, forum inbox mesage me pleas!
looking for team 10k-50k

Horie wrote:

Looking for team 10k-50k im rank 10,937
Im here .. Sure you can .. Rank 32k
Anyone looking for a rank 8383 as of this moment player?
Samurai Aku
searching for team rank 1-10k pm me if interested!!!
Im rank 13.800 and i'm looking for team :D
Just tell me if you are interested
The Copy
15k Searching for a team to join in 10-50k pm me ^^ 8-)
Uhm can someone change Yumia please? change it into ededed028
Im up for it, i just dont have a team :(
25k LF team D:
Available as an unreliable sub 1k-10k
im rank 8k if anyone needs me contact me
rank 6k here looking for a team , pm meh
Finding team .. 10k-50k
Looking for a team: Rank 22,874.
English and I can skype or teamspeak, whatever suits you :D
30k also looking for a team to have fun (English and uses skype and Discord) :D

i could also commentate if you wish though the tournament client doesn't like me most of the time with a lot of players at once but i could try
28k who did this:
Inbox me if you want me on your team.
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