[Archived] Randomly lost 500 places?

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I just completed this marathon -
And randomly lost 500 places (and gained 1pp?)
How is this even possible?

osu! version: 20160227.3 (latest)
The ranks readjust every time you submit scores. It is more likely that a lot of players have passed you before you have completed the map. You're still in the lower ranking so it usually happens on that area.
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I usualy lose +-30-70 places a night.. But I played a map 20 minutes before this happened and got +20 places. I doubt that 500 people passed me in 20mins
I had the same thing happen to me last night.

Was in a MP lobby and after the first map I went down -300.

Not exactly upset about it but I'd still like to know what caused it.
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