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Problem Details:
I opened osu as always, when i started playing a song, osu started lagging (it usually happens to me but after a while like a few minutes it goes away so it doesn't really matter), then i decided to close it ('cause sometimes it helps me) and open it again but it didn't want to open, my pc gave me an alert saying that the shortcut doesn't work anymore.
While looking on the osu! folders, i saw this thing called "Osu! repair" and checked it but nothing happened, it said the same alert as the shortcut, something like "it doesn't work anymore" without details or how to fix it. NOTHING.
I decided to investigate but i didn't find anything useful.
So when i tried to open osu! by the folders, it gave me an alert saying ""This app can't run on your PC. To find a version of your PC, check with the software publisher."

I wonder where did i went wrong? what do i do?
I don't really want to install it again :(
Please help me, i'll really appreciate it! ;_;

osu! version: 20160217.7
Can you state here your computer specs?
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