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Tsukuyomi wrote:

then what, you guys create a topic called "Don't map under star rating map/ Don't map over star rating map"???
Or sth like "You can only map the map which fits its star rating"???
You'd better send you pm to ppy or tom to change the shit star rating system.
Wow, I have never said or meant anything remotly like that, of course the starrating is completely irrelevant in this matter, but that's exactly the reason why at least the difficulty should be categorized correctly. There have been a ton of DQs because of falsely named Easy/Normal/Advanced-diffs, so I don't see why higher difficulties shouldn't be treated with the same accuracy. I just wanted to start some discussiom on that because I'm not sure how others see this, I haven't requested a DQ or anything. But Qualification/Disqualification is essential to this ranking system and you should be very well aware that DQs aren't a bad thing (I don't think this map would have any trouble getting requalified anyways).
Be carm please...
I agree with you that my map is sometimes hard on reading ability. (But not always jump, jump and jump. So on some aspects it is easier than other maps) And I always make maps like this...because it's my style. But imo, this can't be an Extra diff since the bpm is low. (Actually, I think hw's diff is harder than mine lol.)
And i should say again. Be carm please..

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Bonsai wrote:

yf's Insane definitely looks like an Extra to me because there is a lot of technical and/or reading skil needed, firstly all those 1/8-patterns like especially 00:21:216 (1,2) - (where I really don't understand why you'd make that random 1/8 clickable), the spacing of the 1/4-streams (especially those like 01:07:420 (2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - ), or that monstrosity of unpredicatble SV-, rhythm- and spacing-changes at 00:38:624 (1,1,1,2,3,1,1,1,1) -
Those are not elements of an Insane, imo Insanes should maybe introduce one of such complex gameplay elements while still making it easy to read, grasp and play, which those are not. The starrating of this diff is massively underrated, calling it an Insane misleads players even more :(

(to avoid possible misunderstandings: I don't have anything against the map itself, just the naming of the difficulty ^^)
I didn't name the diff, I respect to guest mappers' choice so that's why it is called Insane, I know the outcome that the star rating of Insane diffs will be relatively low comparing with the actual gameplay after finish mapping my Extra, and I have testplayed the diff during the ranking process. the reading and aiming skill is more difficult then most of the maps as well the song have various snapping and there are wubs in some of the section. Even HW decided to use Another for her diff, not based on the star rating, but the CS5, the technical and reading skill as you said, I believe her diff is more challenging than Yoru's or even yf's

Tbh the star rating is not accurate for this mapset, or I should say starting from HW's till mine. It may be weird if yf's diff is named with Extra, as there is already a "X" icon diff (Myriad of Colors), their difference in star rating is still quite large (4.67 and 5.31), so that's why I kept the diff name, and I think it won't lead to disqualification..?

Actually I don't know if this is helpful or not I have tried to state the actual difficulty for the diff in the description
, I hope players will notice that xD

Anyway thanks for the corcern!

and sorry for my poor english uwu

Len wrote:

Reol wrote:

the official video,
0:00 ~ 0:37 -> soundtrack 01. -nil-

I think you need to add on tag -nil-

p/4948908. just add -nil- on tag!
ahh ok
I mean since you somewhat agree you could just get a dq, change the diffname and get it requalified, judging from the general opinions here that shouldnt be too hard.

The only thing you might be afraid of might be being ninja'd by pho lmao
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Okorin wrote:

The only thing you might be afraid of might be being ninja'd by pho lmao

Okorin wrote:

I mean since you somewhat agree you could just get a dq, change the diffname and get it requalified, judging from the general opinions here that shouldnt be too hard.
I have stated the reason above, so I would keep this diff name, same as yf
04:32:657 (4) - pourquoi 1/8
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pishifat wrote:

04:32:657 (4) - pourquoi 1/8
oh god you are right ;;
let me find a qat zz
As requested.
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Thanks KwaN

now 04:32:712 (4) - is snapped correctly
Confirm snap fixed. Re-qualified
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Thanks ><
your profile picture is pretty accurate for dqs :^)
the sldiers not being buffered makes me sad : / / / / /
why not yf's sb insane omg pls fix dat
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