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DDRfreak457 wrote:

I Give Up wrote:

How do I get in the list? Our team is stalking you looks for top #10,000 mouse players and adds them to the list. If we missed you then you can post in this thread or message any of the editors (see Credits below).
I'm really good for my rank add me pls? The requirement is to be in top #10,000 rank. Reason 1: the ranked board only goes up to #10,000 so we can't find players beyond that rank. And reason 2: we don't want to flood the list with thousands of players every year.
I do not want to be added! Too bad xd
Why are there low ranking players on the list? The list is several years old now. Some of the best players back then have since become inactive and decayed over time. Also check out the Honourable Mentions section for heroes past. Each has a cool story, just ask the community (:

List ... yRtQ2t4MHY


Editors NixXSkate | _postal | Aiven (Retired) | Frikandel (Retired)
Script Kirinya
Area Calculator Kuuuuu | FunOrange | eltrufas
DPI: 4000
OS: 6/11
Multiplier: 1x raw input
Resolution: 1920x1200
Polling rate: 1000hz
Mouse Model: Hama uRage Repaer NXT
Mousepad I don't have one yet
Keyboard Model: Hama uRage Exodus
KB Switch: Membrane
Sorry to break it to you, but you have a far way to go before reaching < #10k
The requirement is to be in top #10,000 rank.
Currently as of me posting this you are rank #43,044
DPI: 400
OS: 6/11 (off)
Resolution: 1920x1080
osu! Sens: 1.84x raw-input on
Polling Rate: 1000hz
Mouse: Logitech G305 White (85g with battery mod)
Mousepad: Artisan Zero Mid XL
Keyboard Model: Havit Low-Profile TKL Backlit
Keyboard Switch: Low Profile Kailh Blues
Monitor: BenQ XL2546 (240hz)
DPI: 1200
OS: 6/11 (off)
Resolution: 800x600
osu! Sens: 0.48x raw-input on
Polling Rate: 125hz
Mouse: Genius DX-100
Mousepad: I don't have one
Keyboard Model: Microsoft Wired Keyboard 400
Keyboard Switch: Membrane i think
Monitor: LG Flatron W2241S 75hz
update please
DPI: 1000
OS: 6/11 Off
Multiplier: 1x
Resolution: 1920x1080
Polling rate: 500hz
Area: 37x27
Mouse Model: Logitech G102 Prodigy
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK+
Sensor: Mercury
Weight: 85g
Switch: Omron D2FC-F-7N
Keyboard Model: ikbc C87
KB Switch: Red

Orange Mushroom
DPI: Not sure, uninstalled Razer Synapse, prob 1000.
OS: 6/1
Raw Input On
Multiplier: 1x
Res: 1920x1080
Polling rate: 500Hz
Area: 30x23
Mouse model: Razer Deathadder 2013
Mousepad: Steelseries Qck
Weight: 105g
Keyboard model: Corsair K95 RGB
Keyboard Switch: Red
some info
DPI: 3100(2014-4-11/now),1800(2012-2014) I prefer 10000 DPI,dose it exist?
OS: 6/11 off
Multiplier: 1.00x raw input
Resolution: 1920x1080
Polling: 1000Hz
Mouse model: Logitech G402
Mousepad: cheap one(my sister's sweater)
Keyboard: Blackwidow Ultimate (Blue switch)
Thanks for the effort put into recording all this

DPI: 1040
OS: 6/11 (off)
Ingame sensivitity: 1.25x
Raw Input: On
Mouse: Logitech G402
Polling rate: 1000
Mousepad: Logitech G840
Keyboard: Logitech G810
Osu resolution: 1920x1080
Hi. Here are some info:

DPI: 1600dpi
OS: 6/11 Off
Multiplier: 1.05x
Resolution: 1920x1080
RawInput: On
Polling Rate: 1000hz
Mouse: Logitech G402
Mousepad: none/desk
Keyboard: Havit RGB
Switch: Outemu Blue
DPI: 800
OS: 6/11 Off
Multiplier: It's a tough one to answer, it's currently at 0.83x. I change it almost daily though, but it's mostly around 0.85x
Resolution: 1920x1080
Raw Input: On
Polling Rate: 1000hz
Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei 310
Mousepad: SteelSeries Dex
Keyboard: Corsair K70 Lux
Switch: Cherry MX Red
DPI: 1600 dpi
OS: 5/11
Multiplier: 1.00x
Resoulution: 1280x720
Raw: Off
Mousepad: SteelSeries Qck Mini
DPI: 1000 dpi
OS: 6/11
Multiplier: 1.00x
Resoulution: 1440x900
Raw: On
Mouse: Roccat Lua
Mousepad: don't use one
DPI: 1800 dpi
OS: 7/11
Multiplier: 0.65
Resolution: 1680x1050
Raw: On
Mouse: Logitech G102
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus (Speed Edition)
Keyboard: Sunsonny SK-K1 (Red Switches)
DPI: 800 dpi
Multiplier: 1.00
Raw: On
Mouse: Logitech G203 Prodigy
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK+
Keyboard: Falbatech keypad (CherryMX Silver switches)

theColdSpirit wrote:

DPI: 800 dpi
Multiplier: 1.00
Raw: On
Mouse: Logitech G203 Prodigy
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK+
Keyboard: Falbatech keypad (CherryMX Silver switches)
osu resolution?
Taiga Tiger
Finally hit top 10k so here we go:
DPI: 1000
OS: 6/11
Mouse: Logitech G502
Mousepad: Redragon P001 ARCHELON
Keyboard: Qwazar Red Shift (Cherry MX Red switches)
DPI: 800
OS: 6/11 off
Multiplier: 1.25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Raw: On
Polling: 1000Hz
Area: 37x27

Mouse: Logitech G400
Mousepad: HyperX FURY S X-Large
Sensor: Avago ADNS 3095
Weight-Length-Width-Height: 137g-131mm-73mm-43mm
Mouse switch: Omron D2FC-F-7N

Keyboard: Cooler Master Trigger-Z
Switches: Brown
Info update
Playstyle: Mouse/KB
DPI: 800
OS: 6/11 off
Multiplier: 0.67
Resolution: 1280x720
Raw: on
Polling: 1000Hz

Mouse: Logitech G305
Mousepad: noname
Mouse weight: 97g

Keyboard: home-made
Switches: red
add me to the list

Playstyle : Mouse/KB
DPI: 750
OS: 6/11 Off
Multiplier: 1.25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Raw Input: On
Polling rate: 125Hz
Mouse Model: Maxtill tron G10
Sensor: AVAGO 3050
Keyboard Model: Lenovo ideapad 320 notebook keyboard
KB Switch: X
uh, this is my info for the list thaanks

DPI: 1800
OS: 6/11 (off)
Ingame sensivitity: 1.00x
Raw Input: On
Mouse: Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
Polling rate: 1000
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Speed
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Osu resolution: 1920x1080
Too Slow
i want to be on this list its cool

DPI: 720
OS: 6/11 (off)
In-game sens: 1.00x
Raw Input: On
Mouse: Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
Polling rate: 1000hz
Mousepad: HyperX Fury Large
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
Switches: Red
osu! resolution: 1920x1080
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