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Did a quick irc check with Gero. Should be good to go now :D.

13:12 Monstrata: Tomorrow & Forever 00:50:262 (5,6) - this... i think you should stack it because uh
13:12 Monstrata: circle into slider patterns like this that are spaced
13:12 Monstrata: are a loot harder
13:12 Monstrata: than slider > circle
13:12 Monstrata: and this is the only time you ever use this kind of arrangement for circle > slider rhythms
13:13 Gero: but I made this cause the previous slider with circle is symmetrycal and would be weird to have it different ;_;
13:13 Gero: is it really neccesary? xD
13:13 Monstrata: yea... but its really going to affect playability imo
13:14 Gero: alright
13:14 Gero: I'll fix it
13:14 Monstrata: cuz this is like 3 stars, and a rhythm like that forces you to play a spaced 1/3
13:14 Monstrata: ya sry x___x
13:17 Gero: changed
13:18 Monstrata: 00:31:323 (1,2) - snapping here just sounds off to me... hmm
13:18 Monstrata: i think it should be 1/6....
13:18 Gero: try to hear it at 25%
13:18 Gero: it was 1/6 before but alot of people told me to change it like that
13:19 Monstrata: i think its just mp3 being buggy but hmm okay
13:20 Gero: should I keep it or change it? I don't have problems to fix it tbh
13:20 Monstrata: I THINK ITS FINE
13:20 Monstrata: oops caps lol
13:20 Gero: ayyy xD
13:20 Gero: caps
13:21 Monstrata: okay
13:21 Monstrata: On Normal
13:21 Monstrata: 01:17:050 (1) - the spinner is like really short already, but i think it can still be acceptable...
13:21 Monstrata: but on Easy
13:21 Monstrata: 01:17:050 (1) - spinner is too short imo :P
13:21 Gero: can I change it by one slider?
13:21 Monstrata: yea. i think for Easy its better to change it to a slider
13:21 Gero: on easy I mean xD
13:22 Gero: sure
13:22 Gero: I'll fix that
13:22 Monstrata: maybe a 1/1 repeat slider and a circle?
13:22 Monstrata:
13:24 Monstrata: oh lastly on Easy
13:24 Monstrata: 00:18:383 (2) - is offscreen
13:25 Gero: changed
13:25 Gero: fixed :D
13:25 Monstrata: hmm
13:26 Monstrata: alright update :D
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Thanks Mr. Monstrata.
We got rid off the iffy 1/3 thing, so it's now save! Enjoy :3~ Cool map
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Thanks Irry.
Great! Gero being fast as always XD
I think, i ready to say
I wanna be your du-du-dude today
Tomorrow and Forever
I'll Be your Friend!

Gratzz :3
So fast O3O, anyways congraz <3
gotta go fast o3o
gratz gero
lol just going to check my mod and it ranked haha gratz gero♥ so nice song and flow
lce Bear
This beatmap is disgusting. Can not do beatmaps? :x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x The circles do not fit the song. I CANT BEAT "SS" IN THE NORMAL PLAY...
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Do you know that this song is 1/3, right?

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