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Wishkey wrote:

oh nice man you revived this :D
might wanna check if the normal-slidertick.wav 8ms delay is okay to rank, would suck if it'd get dq'd by that
I guess, you got the really old version, because i fixed it a while ago :D

CircleChu wrote:

I guess, you got the really old version, because i fixed it a while ago :D
Ah yeah might be those things don't autoupdate :D
05:14:712 (3,1,2,1) - The 1/3 here doesn't feel cool to read the rhythms properly in the current design due to its placement majorly. Hope this gets fixed before this gets anywhere further.

Hope you fix the above issue along the next bn.

Again, the map is fine, but due to the rhythm issue I posted earlier, I hesitate to be the 3rd nominator to push this mapset unfortunately..
rank when?
obligatory i am good player who can testplayerino dis mappu


So we fixed the 1/3rd pattern that sonnyc mentioned as well as did some other IRC things regarding moving the extended sliders 1/4th earlier in some cases during the solo. Other than that, some minor polishing.

15:00 CircleChu: damn
15:15 Xexxar: hi
15:15 CircleChu: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14J4 ... 6FE9ls/pub
15:15 CircleChu: have you read that? :C
15:15 Xexxar: yes
15:15 CircleChu: i am crying
15:15 Xexxar: why
15:15 Xexxar: also how do you not have this map
15:20 CircleChu: i do have it
15:20 CircleChu: but Sonnyc posted a "mod" so i changed it
15:20 CircleChu: i hoped for a heart, but he said "no" so idk .-.
15:20 CircleChu: there is a rule, that if nominator can`t pass map, he can`t nominate it
15:20 CircleChu: so.. finding 3 nominators, that will be able to pass it
15:20 CircleChu: is pretty much imposible
15:20 CircleChu: i know only you lol
15:20 CircleChu: and maybe MrSergio
15:20 CircleChu: everyone else is around 2-4k pp
15:20 Xexxar: fuck
15:20 Xexxar: my pen slipped after i somehow saved my ass
15:20 Xexxar: on that stream
15:20 Xexxar: which map btw
15:20 Xexxar: this?
15:20 CircleChu: you mean with 2 bubbles?
15:21 CircleChu: no, the other one :d
15:21 CircleChu: above the winter moonlight
15:21 *Xexxar is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/908042 DragonForce - Above the Winter Moonlight [Freedom]]
15:21 Xexxar: oh
15:21 Xexxar: you have a diff ver
15:28 Xexxar: isgh
15:28 CircleChu: ooo
15:28 CircleChu: damn XD
15:28 Xexxar: srsly
15:28 Xexxar: holy
15:28 Xexxar: fucking
15:28 Xexxar: shit
15:29 Xexxar: this is 400 pp
15:29 Xexxar: you're shitting me
15:29 Xexxar: i can totally FC this
15:29 CircleChu: how you checked it!?
15:29 Xexxar: ezpp can calculate pp values
15:29 Xexxar: this i 418 SS
15:29 CircleChu: ezpp?
15:29 Xexxar: 03:50:712 (3,5) -
15:29 CircleChu: what is that?
15:30 Xexxar: this looks rly bad
15:30 Xexxar: its rly the only instance of overlap ike htat
15:30 Xexxar: in the entire map
15:30 Xexxar: i suggest chagning it
15:32 CircleChu: done
15:33 Xexxar: 05:14:712 (3,1,2) -
15:33 Xexxar: sonnyc is right about this
15:33 Xexxar: rly awkward
15:33 CircleChu: i changed flow, to keep DS https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6395661
15:34 Xexxar: i suggest something like this: http://puu.sh/rT9r1/f043b30016.jpg
15:34 CircleChu: wait a sec
15:34 CircleChu: i`ll find a screenshot
15:34 CircleChu: of what he suggested me
15:35 CircleChu: "CanadianBaka"
15:35 CircleChu: Whirl in Past
15:35 Xexxar: trust
15:35 Xexxar: that rhythm works perfectly
15:36 CircleChu: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6313648
15:36 Xexxar: i mean u cannnn do that
15:36 Xexxar: but i rly think if you stack 1 and 4 it would be beter
15:36 CircleChu: that`s what he sent me
15:36 Xexxar: like i did
15:37 CircleChu: if Whirl would ask you to do a GD for his set
15:37 CircleChu: think a lot, before doing it
15:37 Xexxar: lmao
15:37 Xexxar: 05:33:312 (1) -
15:37 Xexxar: increase spacing to match the distance between 3-4 before it
15:38 Xexxar: also
15:38 Xexxar: i think this map should be OD 9 tbh
15:38 Xexxar: thoughts on that?
15:39 Xexxar: also 01:43:812 (5) -
15:39 Xexxar: i think you should make hte hitsound on the end of sliders like these
15:39 Xexxar: less noticable
15:39 Xexxar: especially since its not to the beat
15:41 CircleChu: [http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6395734 fixed]
15:41 CircleChu: you mean mute the volume of extended sliders?
15:41 Xexxar: well like
15:41 Xexxar: maybe change them to soft or something
15:41 Xexxar: doesnt necessarily need to be muted
15:41 Xexxar: also
15:41 Xexxar: no...
15:41 Xexxar: thats not what i mean
15:41 Xexxar: control G 1 and i think its way better
15:44 CircleChu: oh, yeah
15:44 CircleChu: od9? but memes about pp mapping...
15:44 Xexxar: mhm dont then
15:44 Xexxar: thats fine
15:45 Xexxar: 05:05:712 (1,2,3,4,1) -
15:45 Xexxar: please make these have 1/2 gaps
15:45 Xexxar: between the notes
15:45 Xexxar: not 1/4th
15:45 Xexxar: the large spacing at 1/4th is unnatural
15:45 Xexxar: and unintuitive
15:45 Xexxar: 05:09:312 (1) -
15:45 Xexxar: same here
15:45 Xexxar: 05:10:512 (1,2) -
15:46 Xexxar: 05:12:912 (1,1,2,1) -
15:46 CircleChu: 1/2 gaps?
15:46 Xexxar: in other words
15:46 Xexxar: make the sliders have 1/2 rhythmic spacing between eachother
15:46 Xexxar: you noticed how during that part
15:46 Xexxar: i kept getting 100s
15:46 Xexxar: on the sliders?
15:46 Xexxar: its cause they were held for too long
15:46 Xexxar: and theres huge spacing to the next note
15:47 Xexxar: so its rly awkward to play
15:47 CircleChu: you can hold Z while pressing X
15:47 CircleChu: so you`ll get 300
15:47 CircleChu: i tried that :D
15:47 CircleChu: lifehack lol
15:47 Xexxar: yes i know that but
15:48 Xexxar: you really should alter it though
15:48 Xexxar: because it plays awkwardly
15:48 CircleChu: but the whole point will be ruined :(
15:48 Xexxar: regardless of the fingers you use
15:48 Xexxar: it rly wont change the point
15:48 CircleChu: the very first version was with low spacing
15:48 CircleChu: and everyone hated it
15:48 Xexxar: well with large spacing
15:48 Xexxar: but fair gaps in rhythm
15:48 Xexxar: it will accomplish the same thing but
15:49 Xexxar: people wont get random 100s
15:49 Xexxar: i just think it doesnt play naturally..
15:52 CircleChu: keep muting or remove it?
15:52 CircleChu: how do you think :o
15:53 Xexxar: uhh
15:53 Xexxar: if you do move the slider ends
15:53 Xexxar: i think you should still mute then
15:53 Xexxar: them
15:53 Xexxar: so move the green line
16:02 Xexxar: http://puu.sh/rTbhp/511b96cdd1.jpg
16:02 CircleChu: 1804...
16:02 Xexxar: i missed on the stream again
16:02 Xexxar: and i missed early on in the map
16:03 CircleChu: oh, canadianbaka again :D
16:03 CircleChu: http://puu.sh/rT9Kh/aa0af90fcc.jpg
16:03 CircleChu: he is pretty cute, isn`t it?
16:04 Xexxar: ok well anyway
16:04 Xexxar: have you modded the stuff i said
16:04 CircleChu: i am now trying to make it nice
16:04 CircleChu: with ending on red ticks
16:05 Xexxar: kk
16:06 CircleChu: 05:12:912 (1,1,2,1) - can i leave this?
16:06 Xexxar: i'd personally pref not but
16:06 Xexxar: if you rly want it..
16:08 CircleChu: this is my personal favorite moment
16:08 Xexxar: then go for it
16:11 Xexxar: also
16:11 Xexxar: OD 9 still might be a better idea
16:11 Xexxar: you run the risk of note lock
16:11 Xexxar: wiht OD 8.5
16:13 CircleChu: note lock?
16:13 CircleChu: what is that?
16:13 Xexxar: so basically
16:13 Xexxar: when notes overlap
16:13 Xexxar: they have hitwindows for each note
16:13 Xexxar: what can happen is that you miss and then click early for the next note
16:13 Xexxar: but you're actually (in the eyes of the program) trying to click the note before your miss
16:14 Xexxar: so it doesnt click the note in front of you
16:14 Xexxar: its kinda a weird phenoninon
16:14 CircleChu: i didn`t even knew there is a term for that
16:14 CircleChu: okay, then od9 is reasonable
16:15 Xexxar: i mean
16:15 Xexxar: i'll do anotehr testplya and check how it plays iwth the 1/3rd
16:15 Xexxar: thats the only thing im worried about personally
16:15 Xexxar: cause notelocking on 1/3rd is rly bad
16:18 CircleChu: i fixed everything
16:18 Xexxar: ok
16:18 Xexxar: update it when you're ready
16:18 Xexxar: and ill recheck
16:18 CircleChu: i can send you txt
16:18 CircleChu: or idk -.-
16:19 Xexxar: you can reset your bubbled status to update
16:19 Xexxar: thats not a problem
16:19 Xexxar: i can still immediatley qualify
16:19 Xexxar: once i check it
16:21 CircleChu: but the one thing, you noticed
16:21 CircleChu: i wasn`t fixing that
16:21 Xexxar: ?
16:21 Xexxar: what thing
16:21 CircleChu: 01:47:412 (8,1) - muting sliders like this
16:21 Xexxar: ye
16:21 Xexxar: you're fine
16:21 Xexxar: on that
16:21 Xexxar: it plays fine
16:21 CircleChu: then it`s probably ready :O
16:21 CircleChu: oh my god, my hands are so shaky
16:22 Xexxar: feel free to update then
16:22 Xexxar: i'll give it another look
16:22 Xexxar: make sure everythings good a
16:22 Xexxar: and then you'll have your first qualified map :D

Will do a final check upon update.

I'll bubble this to be safe :(

Xexxar wrote:

I'll bubble this to be safe :(

Warning to 3rd nominator: You have to wait 24 hours before qualifying due to the new changes to BN Rules. (Maybe it doesn't apply to QAT's though).

Monstrata wrote:


Warning to 3rd nominator: You have to wait 24 hours before qualifying due to the new changes to BN Rules. (Maybe it doesn't apply to QAT's though).

Monstrata wrote:


Warning to 3rd nominator: You have to wait 24 hours before qualifying due to the new changes to BN Rules. (Maybe it doesn't apply to QAT's though).
Thank you! :3

Monstrata wrote:


Warning to 3rd nominator: You have to wait 24 hours before qualifying due to the new changes to BN Rules. (Maybe it doesn't apply to QAT's though).
It does apply, I guess. Thanks for reminding, actually XD
congrats on first ranked map :)
osu! needs more Dragonforce!

Congratulations on rank, amazing map!
OMG YOU DID IT :D Congratz!!!
omg I remember when I test played this for you when I was a shitty 6 digit. It feels like forever ago when you were asking for people to play it in #osu. Im so happy to see it qualified. Good work.
Wow, CircleChu! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you.
Congratulations for your first! >w<
Ну нихуя себе. Я думал никогда не увижу ее тут. Грац братиш
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