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nice map :)
Taiko map finished. Taiko oni lvl. 9, I guess.

Download: DJ Yoshitaka - ALBIDA (TKiller) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni].osu
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is a teacher
Taiko Muzukashii (=Hard) finished. Muzukashii lvl. 7 so it can be hard for muz. players, but still it's easy for Oni players.

Download: DJ Yoshitaka - ALBIDA (TKiller) [lepidon! - Taiko Muzukashii].osu
In general, I feel for a very "Strong" map like this, your combo colours are awfully subtle. Try and emphasize at least 1 colour, as a suggestion. Mapset is quite....centrifugal. If I could liken your mapping style to an art. I would say Tattooing. There's this architecture/structure in your maps that's hard to read precisely because it's rare that I see this kind. I really don't have a lot to "mod".

Beginner: I think OD+1 would still be fine. The pace is still acceptable. What do you think?

- 00:31:763 - Hmm, place this note on the slider end of (4)?

Hyper: Mapping style here is a little similar to mine..especially those slider shapes.

- 00:58:844 - I'd ask you to flip this Vertically. Same goes for the identical pattrern that comes at the end.

Another: Untamable Beast. It's ferocious. However, it is a very very well-defined difficulty.
The anal patterns have consistency, the spacing is, while edgy, good at directing the
player. Top-notch, but overpowered, if you know what I mean.

- 00:49:601 - For this section, I'll suggest (2) be positoned where (3) is.
It will no doubtedly but unintentionally dim the difficulty a bit, and perhaps dull a bit of your artistic
But I'll ask that you consider this. (3) also happens to be placed a little "out". Remove GS if you want.
It's fine that way, although I imagine a possible few others might complain about "tidiness".

- 01:26:574 - Nice penisRocket.

Very solid mapset. It shouldn't take long to get this to Ranking I feel.
Card N'FoRcE
- Beginner:
  • .Opinions: (Just some thoughts, I'd personally like if you follow them)
    Slidertickrete 1 or 2? 0.5 is really empty.
    .Suggestions: (Fixing this should make gameplay/aesthetics a bit better)
    00:41:493 (1,2,1,2) - make them like this?
    01:24:141 (3) - move it up a bit more

- Hyper:
  • .Opinions: (Just some thoughts, I'd personally like if you follow them)
    01:31:276 (3,4) - i dunno why, this jump took me off-guard
    .Suggestions: (Fixing this should make gameplay/aesthetics a bit better)
    00:02:087 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - 01:08:249 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - readable, but... why?
    00:28:844 - add a beat here?
    00:25:439 (1,2,3,4) - 00:28:033 (1,2,3,4) - 00:38:412 (1,2,3,4) - 00:45:385 (1,2,3) - 00:46:195 (5,6,7) - and so on: i think you should space them like 00:08:574 (1,2,3,4). That way they won't be easily mistaken for streams.
    01:29:492 (1,2,3,4) - i don't really like how you rearranged this, but i can't find a better solution...

- Another:
  • .Opinions: (Just some thoughts, I'd personally like if you follow them)
    00:25:114 (2,1) - don't like this, it seems a 1/2, but i think it's ok anyway
    .Suggestions: (Fixing this should make gameplay/aesthetics a bit better)
    00:48:466 (1) - remove new combo; 00:48:628 (2) - add new combo
    There's the same "problem" i had in Hyper: i liked the weird use of the spacing between 1/1 1/2 and 1/4, but i think you should make it the most consistent possible because it's easy to misread some of them. Do you think you can have a further look into this matter?

- lepidon! Taiko Muzukashii:
  • .Opinions: (Just some thoughts, I'd personally like if you follow them)
    I like this, and i like that you make Muzukashiis (since I'm not good enough for Onis ;_;)

- lepidon! Taiko Oni:
  • .Opinions: (Just some thoughts, I'd personally like if you follow them)
    This one seems ok too, as usual :3

I should say, i had a really hard time "reading" Hyper and "Another" because of what i said above, but the maps are ok.

Card N'FoRcE wrote:

I like this, and i like that you make Muzukashiis (since I'm not good enough for Onis ;_;)
I want to make more Muzs but usually mapper allow me to make only one guest diff ;_;

Anyway, thanks for giving some interests in Taiko maps!
Topic Starter

Card N'FoRcE wrote:

had to decline most of

though I understand your points, and I'll be looking in asking you for a few further discussing since this mapset is going to be finally complete soon (when either me or Wuiss stop being lazy asses and finish the [Normal])
Трудно, но охуенно. Звезда
Just going on Taiko diffs random modding <3

[lepidon! - Taiko Muzukashii]
01:29:655 (10,11,12) - why not ddd but kkk? I would recommend ddd orz
01:40:033 (10,11,12) - ^

[lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
00:25:925 (12) - Delete finish
00:31:114 (12) - ^
00:36:303 (12) - ^
00:41:492 (12) - ^
00:44:087 (1) - Delete finish since just going to 1/4 part with finish note is not good imo
00:54:466 (1) - ^
01:28:195 (1) - ^
01:38:574 (1) - ^
01:48:141 (48,49,50,51) - orz sudden 1/6 but whatever :3

Whatever nice song but wonder about full-mapset :3
And as you showed nice song, I'll give something via PM <3

ps. No need kudosu :3
@arken: I put 'kkk's cause I wanted some difference between first and second kiai part. For Oni, I excluded some finishes. Thanks for modding~

Download: DJ YOSHITAKA - ALBIDA (TKiller) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni].osu
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