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Cancelled sorry
Request to : pantsu
Type : Avatar
Image :
GFX resolution : 128x128
Text : XY
Border : Yes (cut line)
Border type : Rounded square
Extra :
- The font color for "X" and "Y" is blue and red respectively
- The font must be well-rounded on the edges

type : banner
image :
gfx resolution : put the size of how you want the image.
text : Welcome to BlueberrySansy's userpage!
border : No
border type : normal
extra : make it as cutesy as possible, surprise me :3

thank you~

cancelled, sorry! :<
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p a n t s u

Announcement :

Hello everyone,
so I am aware that I have not been active for over a year or so due to other things taking importance in my life.
However I am now back open for request and am willing to work on request for those that had request in the past
but did not get them because of my sudden hiatus. Apologies for those that have waited so long.
Type: Banner

1. Image: Here
Text: "About me"

2. Image: Here
Text: "Skin"

3. Image: Here
Text: "My goals"

4. Image: Here
Text: "Collab"

5. Image: Here
Text: "YouTube Channel"

6. Image: Here
Text: "Facebook Page"

7. Image: Here
Text: "Prisma Phantasy Discord Server"

8. Image: Here
Text: "Settings & Preferences"

9. Image: Here
Text: "Welcome To My Userpage" and "Kirasa"-this is my future username by the way.

Size: 740x300 (same size for all banners)

Background: I think pink background is better for the characters, but if you have idea the better background for every character then, I'll leave it to you.

Extra: Up to you

Sorry for many request to you. Take your time, I can wait 😊

hey and welcome back! i read your post and i understand if you don't have the time to do the extras or even this at all, so take your time!
type: overlay
screen resolution: 1920x1080
game resolution: 1380x885
camera resolution: up to you, should just be on the bottom right of the screen
player name: Y, but please write effy instead
chat box: Y
now playing box: Y
recent follower box: N
recent donation box: N
social media: N
character: Y, no face from spirited away
extra: if you have the time and are willing, could you make an offline and be right back screen, as well as an about and rules panel images?

thanks in advance and good luck!
Wow you're back holy moly

type : avatar
image :
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Restore/restore, whichever looks better
border : Your choice
border type : ^
extra : Nothing that I can think of myself, I trust you to make it as pretty as you used to :p
Freyja Luna
request to : pantsu

type : avatars/banners


gfx resolution : avatar 400x400
banner: 1200 x 380

text : on banner: shall we go on an adventure together?
Border: up to you uwu
extra : make it cute if you can uwu
type : banner
image :
gfx resolution : 1200x370
text : Welcome to tokyo
border : Yes
border type : normal but if another type fits better then another type
extra : If you can, add this image to the banner, if not there's no problem

Thank you and take your time!
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p a n t s u

Silent Night

p a n t s u wrote:

Freyja Luna
Silent Night
it looks so cool, thank you so much!

p a n t s u wrote:

Freyja Luna
Silent Night
aww thank you i love it
type : avatar / banner


image :

-Avatar :

- Banner :


gfx resolution :

Avatar : 128x128

Banner : 623x192


Text : Yes

Avatar : oRa
Banner : "Welcome to my userpage"


border : Yes
border type : rounded


extra : Is it possible to make the background of my banner animated? With a slightly chill "filter". If possible, it would be cool! Thank you in advance for your work!
type : avatar
image :
gfx resolution : 256x256
text : yunomin
border : up to you
border type : normal
extra : just make it cute and gl :3
type : avatars
image :
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : abril
border : no
border type : normal
extra : the "abril" put it in the bottom left corner :3
---- cancelled ----
type : avatars
image :
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Juey
border : Yes
border type :rounded
extra : anything that you think would look nice is fine thankyou!

request to :
type : avatars / banners / sig
image : link to image(s) here.
gfx resolution : put the size of how you want the image.
text : ?
border : Yes / no?
border type : normal, rounded, circle ?
extra : anything specific you want to add.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

type : overlay
Screen resolution :1920x1080
osu! resolution :1920x1080
Camera resolution :N
Player name : 8CXD
Chat box : Y
Now playing box : Y
Recent follower box : Y
Recent donation box :N
Social media : N
Character / Y Pokemon
Background :
type : avatars
image :
gfx resolution : no need to change it
text : Kuro or 黒雲
border : No
border type : rounded
extra : aesthetic

ty in advance ♥
type : avatar
image :
gfx resolution : 128*128
text : NA
border : no
border type : rounded
extra : please make the theme blue. thank you! <3
- Wolfie -
type : Banner
image :
gfx resolution : 1200x480
text : Badudragoon
border : No
border type :
extra : None, I like being surprised.
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