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cancelled, i'm sorry ;w;
cancel , sorry :(
Hey again <3

request to : pantsu
type : avatars
image :
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Shirayuka / yuka
border : Yes
border type : normal
extra : without text too

[- Rubik -]
type : overlay
Screen resolution :1920x1080
osu! resolution : 2560x1080
Camera resolution : 1920x1080
Player name : Rubik
Chat box : Y
Now playing box : Y
Recent follower box : Y
Recent donation box : Y
Social media : N
Character / Anime : N
Background :
extra: Make it look clean, aiming for a chill mood on stream!
cancelled as it see as you don't do these anymore
Umi on osu
request to : pantsu
type : avatars
image: (hope this is good enuf)
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Zestos
border : Yes
border type : circle
extra : have the as font I Love Glitter

gl and thnx
Eris Greyrat
type : avatars and banner
image :
gfx resolution : the usual
text : left: Eris right: Biogenik
border : Yes
border type : normal
Hi o/

request to : Pantsu
type : Collab avatars
image : ( or this one if you prefer )
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Logic (on Koishi (green hair))/ Akeno (on Flandre (blonde hair))
border : Yes
border type : Rounded and circle if possible.
extra : Is it possible to make the big picture with our names ( Logic full name would be " LogicSystem " and mine would be " -Akeno- " in that case ) for our userpage please o/

sorry if the pictures arnt high quality i couldnt find one :(

thanks !
Somay 287
- Request to : Pantsu
- Name : Somay 287
- Screen resolution : 1920x1080
- Osu! or game resolution : 1280x720
- Cam : Yes
- Current song : yes (just make it smaller)
- Extra : -
- Chat Box : No
- Overlay background :
Recent follower box : No
Recent donation box : No
Social media : No
Character / Anime : yes
Type: Avatar collab
Gfx resolution: The usual for avatars owo"
Text: The brown haired girl: Aphsa The light blue-haired boy: Unleashed
Border: Yes
Border type: Rounded
Extra: All on your taste, warm and gentle tones, thanks in advance ^^
That is all!
Thank you for your work :):D
Hi !

Request to : Pantsu
Type : Collab (Avatars)
Image :
Text : From left to right; AgarSanik, Origins, Val
GFX resolution : 128x128
Border type : Square and basic.
Extra : Can you make the picture with our names on it please ?

Bye ! Have a nice day uwu (and thanks !)
type : overlay
Screen resolution : 1920 x 1080
osu! resolution : Same as screen
Camera resolution : Not sure what res I need for a hand cam ;-;
Player name : Y
Chat box : Y
Now playing box : Y
Recent follower box : Y
Recent donation box : Y
Social media : Y
Character / Anime : Y, Bananya Bananacat
Background : Bananya Bananacat

Thank you so much <3

Cancelled sorry T-T
Type : avatar
size : 256x256
text : Mikuholic
border: Yes
Border type: Circle

Tnx in advance, looking forward to it :D

Would like to cancel sorry uwu
Cancelled, sorry!
Type : overlay
Screen resolution : 1920*1080
osu! resolution : 1280*720
Camera resolution : No
Player name : Yes
Chat box : Yes
Now playing box : No
Recent follower box : Yes
Recent donation box : Yes
Social media : Yes (Youtube)
Character : Can you use my avatar?
Background : Green, modern, geometric.
Extra request : Can you use a similar font used for my avatar?

Thank you very much. and good luck with everything! :)

Cancelled, sorry
Asami Anny
Heya Paintsu! I got a request for you!

Type: Avatar
Image: (Sorry it's long!)
Text: Take Your Heart
Gfx Resolution: 256x256
Border Type: None
Extra: None

Have a good day! Bye :)
reques: pantsu
Type: Avatar collab and banner
Text: left girl: Akane / right girl: Mistya
Border: Yes
Border type: normal
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