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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 5:54:26 PM

Artist: Lifeformed
Title: Chloroplast Skin
BPM: 132
Filesize: 5097kb
Play Time: 02:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. Colorless - 4Key (2.55 stars, 768 notes)

Download: Lifeformed - Chloroplast Skin
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
9/25/2017 — Voting seems to be going quite well for this map in the loved voting process, so I'm adding a background preemptively to make it at least look a bit more complete. Also changed the audio to 192 Kbps, and added a second of silence to stop the first note jitter.

Song 1 of 4 for the qualifier of my SOFT: Springtime free-for-all osu!mania tournament. Star rating is extremely low, but the difficulty in this lies specifically on focus and getting good accuracy.

The rhythm variance in this song is absolutely out of this world - this took me more time than all of the other maps put together in this pool.
Chloroplast Skin
Timing Points:

01:55:689 - Double Timing Point


Just to clarify some stuff, mostly just tail and notes not coinciding

00:15:462 -
02:00:916 - (referring to the whole section here)
Pandora feat. NoneLikeJoshua + Roniit
00:32:971 - Unsnapped End
Summoned Beast Battle
Had some 1ms unsnap errors and I know that you're (kinda) busy (?) so I went ahead and resnapped them myself

I took note that the miniLNs are 1/12 OR 48th snapped so I did that, most of the notes are 1/12 snapped anyways so I used that to snap everything
Manually snapped everything just to make sure that there aren't any incorrect resnapping

Current .osu (just in case you want to revert)

Fixed .osu
Power Supply
Power Supply looks fine
Hitsounds here, the same as the copy sent to you via discord.
Note: Any hitsound copier that supports "sample import" additional hitsounds should work. Keep a copy of the hitsound diff on your local PC. You may also upload the Hitsound diff copy but remember to remove the hitsound diff before it gets bubbled. Listens to chloroplast once more...
Pls make a set so this can get ranked thanks.

P.S. Have some SV changes in a lower diff, I liked the Normal on Batting Show and want more SVs but can't play most charts. :D
11 votes short :(
What happened to the offset? It seems beyond screwed up for me...

edit: never mind, my mp3 was messed up and didn't update lol
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