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I don't pay attention to my cursor during fullscreen jumps either.
I look at the start of the stream and just follow the line, hoping I'm hitting 300s. Despite getting tons of 100s and 50s, I don't miss, which means probably only my tapping is shit. It seems that more experienced players would just instinctively adjust their cursor speed during streaming, judging from how close the circles are from each other. Well, in my case, I look at the stream, not the cursor.
-Makishima S-
I look at Bikko page and pray for acc.
Kunino Sagiri
I look at where they're going.

Jellyfish McGub wrote:

this is something that will make you miss jumps if your screen is too close
that's not necessary true for everyone
ot:i suck at streams but i dunno where i look
it just happens
Look ahead but keep in mind where your cursor is.
I don't even know where i was looking. I never pay attention to that
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FaZe Weeaboo

Endie- wrote:

Look ahead but keep in mind where your cursor is.
Thanks fam <3
i'll be looking at my cursor next week when i'm visiting my crt

if monitor, eyes and brains allow, looking at cursor enough to be aware of it's exact position is best imo just can't follow cursor in this with 60hz, i have super hard time passing it on laptop (only difference is the screen) while i can almost fc it most plays with crt

playing on 60hz feels like someone is dragging your cursor so it's behind and if you move it faster it starts to become near invisible (area traversed that's black vs area where cursor is drawn)
I usually don't look at the cursor directly. I look on what's coming up ahead so I can be ready for it. The correct movement speed to move through the stream comes from muscle memory after a bit of practice. The whole looking ahead thing comes from playing Touhou. If you stare your played directly you won't make it far in harder difficulties because you can't see the bullets coming at you soon enough. If you look around to see what bullets are heading towards you and where is a safe spot to move you be doing a lot better. Same goes for osu! If you look ahead of the patterns coming, you'll be ready for them. This of course is a personal preference, just like many other things such as single tapping vs. alternating and mouse vs. tablet.

I personally have more trouble keeping the tapping consistent. I have noticed that having a good posture while playing helps. I usually lean back a bit when I sit, but when I actually sit straight I can do streams better.
With streams, read every circle individually.
I look at everything all the time. Who knows when one of the circles or maybe even cursor will decide to kill me.
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